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Horse In Snow. January 20, 2013

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Here’s a shot I took a few days back, of a horse up in Stamford VT, just over the border from Clarksburg, MA. I posted it on Facebook (yeah, I’m being sucked over to the Dark Side) but neglected to blog it:

Blog Snout

That’s the “fun shot,” but as serious photographs go, I like this one better:

Stamford Horse, Blog

This beautiful boy was hanging out way over by yonder barn when I called him in by gently, almost silently, telling him how beautiful he was.

Yeah, he might have just been curious about a movement over by the road, but then, there’s a LOT of movement over by the road.

And it makes great sense to me that animals would have retained many senses and sensibilities which We Humans have allowed to atrophy in favor of a more precisely communicable language.

To date, conjecture about animal communication has spawned a dearth of research, but provides grist for the mind-mill of musings about what exists beyond the horizon of our conscious appreciation.

I realize I’ve been largely absent from the blogosphere for the past week; I’m trying to build a photography website (no it’s not yet ready for viewing,) and the “common wisdom,” if one can conceive of such a thing in the Tea Party Era, is that a Facebook presence is key to any kind of commercial success, which I’m sorely in need of. So I’ve been posting more stuff there than here, for which I apologize to my faithful readers.

In defense of my slacker blog ethics, though, I’d like to point out that this is my 1800th post at Little Bang Theory. Thank you, friends, for keeping me going this long and far!  😉


1. emdoyle - January 20, 2013

I like the second photo better. Why is the horse raspberry in color? Congratulations on 1800 posts! That’s awesome.

2. littlebangtheory - January 21, 2013

Thanks, Eileen. This was a shot at dusk on a very overcast/lightly sleeting day, and Mr. Horse wasn’t inclined to stand still for me, so I had to shoot relatively fast, underexposing by two stops. Bringing the dark areas up in camera raw with the fill light slider emphasized that this was an oddly colored guy, with hints of bay coming through a darker winter overcoat…

Or I could just admit that it was crappy processing to salvage a dark photo! 😆

3. susan - January 22, 2013

Yeah way to go Ralph you are a true renaissance man and I love you!
The muzzle shot is fantastic!! I can feel his sweet horsey breath on my face….

littlebangtheory - January 22, 2013

Thanks, Sweetie. Yeah, I called it a “fun shot,” but that’s just how they look when they snuffle you, isn’t it? 🙂

4. susancrow - January 24, 2013

He is indeed a beauty. I’m sure you’re right about animals being sensitive in a way many of us have forgotten is natural to us as well. Have you ever read about Rupert Sheldrake’s work with dogs who know when to go to the window to wait for their owners to come home? He did experiments by sending people off on diverse routes of different durations with results of more than 70% of the animals always aware when their human partners were within a few minutes of return.

Congratulations on having made so many wonderful posts of beauty and wisdom.

littlebangtheory - January 24, 2013

Thanks Susan. Hope you and Crow are enjoying to crisp air! 🙂

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