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Winter At Last! December 27, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Last weekend we had a taste of wintry things to come – frozen ponds:

Plainfield, Snow

…snow in the hill towns:

Spruces in Windsor

…and roads obscured by blowing snow:


I slid off that one going about twenty MPH (not at this exact spot) and did a nose-plant in a six foot ditch. Coulda been worse; I threw it in 4 wheel drive and kept going. The incident added to the deterioration of the lower plastic panel on my front bumper, which needed replacing anyway.

Hey, everything still works and I’m not injured in the least, so that’s a great outcome for a zero-friction event!

This morning, though, was the real  start of winter:

Snowy Morning

We got upwards of a foot of this beautiful stuff. Looks like Susan and I are going snow shoeing!  🙂

When it came to shoveling our cars out, my younger daughter Ursula (visiting from Boston) was a champion:

Ursi Shoveling

The snow was somewhat heavier than we’d hoped and stuck annoyingly to our shovels, but we toughed it out long enough to get the cars cleared with enough clearance for our plow guy to handle the rest.

Thanks, Ursi, and Thank You Father Sky!  😉


1. jomegat - December 27, 2012

I slid into a retaining wall last week going about 5-10 MPH. No one was hurt. I left it in 2WD (as that was the only option) and drove on home. I have mine in the shop now waiting for the holidays to be over so they can get to work on ot. It will need a new rim, a realignment, and some body work (which was optional, but since it was covered by the insurance, it’s an option I am exercising).

littlebangtheory - December 27, 2012

Hi j, Merry Christmas!

Yeah, these low-velocity incidents are nice for personal safety, but can still be expensive. Let’s just be grateful our airbags didn’t go off – that can total an old rig like mine!

jomegat - December 27, 2012

A deployed airbag can also total a fairly new rig like the 2001 Civic I owned in 2004. The one I have now (in the shop) was bought to replace that one.

2. Bob - December 28, 2012


(the photos, not the low-v incidents 😉 )

3. Bob - December 28, 2012

Also, that second photo has a very familiar look. 🙂

littlebangtheory - December 28, 2012

Why yes, indeed it does! Only at 24mm rather than 16, and during an afternoon snow rather than at sunset.

Personally, I like yours better. 😉

4. lisahgolden - December 28, 2012

Brrrr! Just the way it’s supposed to make me feel.

littlebangtheory - December 28, 2012


susan - December 29, 2012

Spray both sides of snow shovel with WD-40 (do it outside, it will drip) before shoveling and presto! no stick!

5. littlebangtheory - December 29, 2012

That works, but the Green Nazi in me doesn’t want to do that. Vegetable oil supposedly works too, but I no longer have a pump (and never found them to work well in the kitchen, so I won’t be getting another.)

6. susancrow - December 31, 2012

I didn’t know that deployed airbags could destroy a car. If that’s true, what the heck do they do to people?

We finally got the snow that will likely stick around for a while but so far it’s not deep. I hope you get enough of it to allow you to enjoy every moment of winter.

May you have a happy and very prosperous New Year.

littlebangtheory - December 31, 2012

Susan, airbag replacement (along with the dashboard, etc.) is expensive enough to “total” low-value cars. And yeah, they can make a mess of people, but it’s less messy than scraping brains off of windshields.

We have enough snow for ‘shoeing now, which I hope to do some of tomorrow. I’ll post pics if that happens. 😉

Happy New Year, my friend!

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