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Zappadan, Day Eight. December 11, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death, music.
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As we keep the flame alive during Frank’s absence, there’s plenty of material out there (yeah, He built that!) to choose from.

I’ll start with tonight’s dinner, a humble meal inspired by the 1970 album of the same name:


Now, that in itself would be a paltry tribute to  man who spent his adult life making music which will survive him by centuries, and defending Freedom of Speech from the Theocratic Crunge we here in America call “The Right.” So here is Frank speaking Truth to Power on CBS’ Nightwatch in 1988, as was his daily wont.

Frank Zappa tells Charlie Rose what he thinks:

Frank’s disdain for the Main$tream Media was always thick enough to cut with an axe, but here he treats Charlie Rose with more deference than he showed the troglodytes he ate whole on Crossfire in 1986 (6:16, “I love it when you froth like that ,”  he says to dim-witted gasbag John Lofton.)

More music and words from Frank will be forthcoming as we hold the fort in His absence.


1. notakidding - December 13, 2012

Dang it! The video is currently unavailabe. I saw this when it was current though, and am always struck by how amazingly articulate. intelligent and astute Frank was. But he was always able to make me laugh amidst all of it. What an astounding mind he had! Miss him still…Vikki/kkryno

littlebangtheory - December 14, 2012

Yes, comic genius is genius first and comedy second. Think Samuel Clemens, Lucile Ball and Groucho Marx. Frank was an Equal Opportunity Destroyer, but most of his subjects died laughing!

The video is working for me now (Thursday evening,) so if you’re so inclined you might try it again.

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