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By Request. November 30, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Peter Gill in comments was kind enough to use the word “please” in his request for more climbing shots, so here they are.

Pete Ward climbing at Farley ledge in Erving:

_MG_5369 copy

…working a route which has only been climbed a couple of times previously:

_MG_5372 copy

_MG_5377 copy

Clipping before launching into the crux moves:

_MG_5381 copy

…and then going for it:

_MG_5383 copy

_MG_5387 copy

Not a clean ascent, but he’ll get it next visit.

This was great fun to watch. I love shooting in the geometry of Farley Ledge, and had fun being on a rope again (those shots to come.)


1. susancrow - December 2, 2012

Pretty amazing work by the climbers and you. Damn, I still get a little vertigo just looking at pictures.

littlebangtheory - December 2, 2012

Susan, this is a “sport” climb, with drilled/bolted anchors along the way so that a “leader” can start at the ground and climb with no rope from above. A well “bolted” climb allows a leader to try his/her hardest and fall without devastating consequences, but they still fall, and can get banged up along the way. Cool heads prevail in these situations, both from the point of view of climbing successfully, and falling without breaking things.

I was satisfied with photographing from a less dynamic vantage, with falling being no part of the picture. 😉

2. Peter Gill - December 3, 2012

Was raised to say “please” and “thank you” and “elbows off the table” and wash behind my ears…etc. So Thank You for posting these additional shots.

littlebangtheory - December 3, 2012

You’re welcome!

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