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Late Autumn. October 19, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Well, it’s that time of the season.

The Leaves are losing, The Wind is winning.

Locally, the maples have given it up, the ashes are skeletal and the oaks have gone brow.

Thank Gawd for the poplars in their yellow finery, dancing beneath a skyline of pines:

That sky benefitted from the sun being at just the right angle for a polarizing filter to work its magic.

Roadside brush filtering the sun’s afternoon energy:

This was one of the few reds in evidence; the sugars which turn sugar maples crimson were one of the casualties of this summer’s inconsistent weather.

Yellows, though, survived the strangeness. Besides the poplars and birches, beeches go yellow ranging to a burnt ochre:

…which is startling against a deep blue sky.

I turned off the open (and sunlit) road to get into the forest, and in a stand of pines I got this image:

I got well along into this drive before the road was blocked by a fallen tree, and I had to turn around.

I may go back there with a chain-saw and a big iron bar, but I’m not promising anything.


1. fragtal - October 21, 2012

Really nice pictures…may I recommend another fine photographer?

littlebangtheory - October 21, 2012

fragtal, Welcome! And thanks for the link to such nice shots indeed from a part of the country I’d like to spend more time exploring.

fragtal - October 21, 2012

My pleasure, LBT! You artists have a way of capturing beauty, and I thank you for sharing it with us less talented folk!

2. susancrow - October 21, 2012

I know you’ll do anything for your art but I still think a chainsaw and pry bar may be excessive. How about your climbing gear?

The colors and clarity of these are very beautiful.

littlebangtheory - October 21, 2012

Susan, thanks. The colors haven’t been “stepped on” in Photoshop, but are rather the result of a simple (quality) circular polarizer employed when the sun’s rays are perpendicular to my line of sight, and the inherent characteristics of blue and golden light – they play so well together! 😉

And the log which blocks this road won’t yield to ropework and z-drag systems until it’s severed at both ends; if I’m going to sever it, I’ll dice it up and not subject my ropes to the kind of destructive forces a long, slow pull applies. I need those ropes for other things. 😉

3. HM - October 22, 2012

That first shot seems like an impressionist painting, the colours and feel are very dreamy.

littlebangtheory - October 22, 2012

HM, welcome. Yes, it gets impressionistic around here as Autumn moves toward barren November. Pointillism seems to be Mother’s choice for wind-rippled water and shimmering leaves!

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