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A Show In Ashfield. October 5, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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I’ve been getting my photography “out and about,” as they say, and have recently sold a few pieces. I have a few nice old car and truck pics on the walls of Chef Rob Watson’s Lone Wolf Bistro in Amherst, MA, and a few of the young ladies I’ve shot at horse jumping meets have purchased prints.

It’s not enough to pay the bills yet (I’m still digging food out of the cracks in my kitchen floor) but it’s all moving in the right direction.

I currently have a show up at Elmer’s Store, Restaurant and Gallery up in Ashfield. It’s broadly Autumnal themed, designed to coincide with the town’s great Ashfield Fall Festival which runs this Saturday and Sunday. If you’re in the area and have a chance to visit, please do – I highly recommend their breakfasts, especially the hash – yum!  🙂 ‘ll be on their walls for most of October.

For those of you who don’t live close enough to visit, I’m posting the show’s ten photos here (hey, it’s a virtual world, non? ) for your viewing pleasure.

All of these shots have appeared here before, but never as a group.

Corn and Oak, Hadley MA:

Chickley Gold, Charlemont MA:

West Branch Storm, Deerfield river, Readsboro VT:

Deerfield Dawn, Charlemont MA:

Windsor Hay Wagon, Windsor MA:

Irrigation Ditch, Hadley MA:

Catamount Cascade, Colrain MA:

Autocar Light, Bernardston MA:

Black Brook, Savoy/Florida MA:

Forest Fog, Plainfield MA:

All of these images are printed at 12″ X 18″ and matted and framed at 18″ X 24.” They’re archival presentations with 100-year inks, acid-free/pH-buffered mats and backing and Conservation Clear UV-protective glass, and are available for $275 plus tax (where applicable) and shipping.

If you’re interested, email me: ralph@ralphmunn.com.

Or better yet, stop by Elmer’s Store for a great meal and a look-see.  🙂

And now I’m off to photograph some rock climbing adventures.



1. lisahgolden - October 5, 2012

Oh my gosh, RALPH!!!!!! I need some disposable because I’m itching to buy one, two, three.

Gorgeous, sir. I don’t know how I would choose.

2. littlebangtheory - October 5, 2012

Lisa, you’re not obliged to choose. Your priorities are laudable, even if they exclude Wall Art. Feed the Family First.

And thanks for liking what I’ve posted here. It’s an amalgam of what I’ve posted before, but somehow still relevant.

3. emdoyle - October 6, 2012

I love the selection of images. I think my favorite is Deerfield Dawn. The reds are so delicate, yet striking.

I’m taking a digital photo class and learned about metallic pearl paper. I have only seen prints;, I haven’t tried it yet. Have you heard of it? I don’t know the brand. I’ll let you know when I do.

4. littlebangtheory - October 7, 2012


Thanks, I like that one as well.

And I’d love to take a course myself, there’s SO MUCH I don’t know. I’ve seen ads for metallic prints if that’s what you mean, but otherwise don’t know anything about it.

Great luck with the course, and shoot smart rather than shoot lots, or you’ll be buried under your product like I am! 🙂

5. notakidding - October 15, 2012

I love the way you treat water and sky. I think the irrigation ditch at Hadley and Black Brook at Savoy/Florida are two great examples, however every one of these are beautiful.

littlebangtheory - October 16, 2012

Thanks. Some people don’t like the long exposures in the water, but depending on what else I’m trying to accomplish, sometimes the long exposures are unavoidable.

And sometimes they’re just what I want!

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