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Portland Head Light. September 6, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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On my way south from my visit with friends Mike and Cindy in Maine, I drove a couple of curlie-cues to take photos of Portland Head Light, the most photographed lighthouse in the world.

I wanted something a bit removed from the I-phone images which doubtless make up the mass of the action here, so chose to catch as much of the scene as I could with Elliot, my 24mm tilt-shift lens.

Here’s the light through a scrim of beach roses:

…with rose hips vying for attention with the remaining blossoms.

Another shot, with lilies in the mix:

Elliot gave me some advantage here over the point-and-shoots and cell phones, extending my depth of field by a lot. I laid my plane of sharp focus along all the axes of the compass to get these photos, and hope the difference is apparent.

Wave-swept granite below the light:

…beautifully sculpted by the ocean and the seasons over uncounted years. I scrambled over fences and down the steeps to crab-walk along ledges to get a low-tide perspective:

Elliot was delightful in this setting. The verticality of the Maine coast played to his strengths, and hard swings of his objective lens got me what I was there for.

Here’s a classic Portland Head Light shot, but with goldenrod representing in the foreground thanks to Elliot’s contortions:

Thanks, kid. You complete me.  🙂


1. susancrow - September 10, 2012

They’re all really nice and reminiscent of sights we see around here but I’m very impressed with the last two pictures. Just magnificent.

2. littlebangtheory - September 11, 2012

Yeah, the water adds a lot. They’re my favorites as well!

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