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Weather. August 25, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Here’s a black and white photo of some low clouds passing through a couple of days ago:

This scene was interesting to me partly because its “interesting” aspect was so ambiguous. None of the elements were particularly compelling, yet the whole scene worked, and  I wasn’t clear on how  it worked. It took me a while to conceptualize it as you see it, and in that time the skies changed enough so that I nearly missed the shot.

I gotta learn to think faster.


1. Guy Penn - August 26, 2012

The BW definitely makes the scene look more ominous. In the vein of “what I see in the clouds”, I spy a giant plucked turkey – facing forward, legs folded in along the bottom – hovering in the sky. You should name this pic “Ghost of Thanksgiving’s Past”… just a thought. 😉

littlebangtheory - August 26, 2012

I see a big, squinting bunny facing left. 🙂

2. Laura - August 26, 2012

Shoot first, ask questions later? I love the broodingness of it.

3. littlebangtheory - August 26, 2012

Laura, there are indeed situations where the “shoot first” technique comes into play – with wildlife, for instance. Sometimes the first shot is the ONLY shot, and a crappy photo can at least give me something to learn from. But in most cases, the “shoot first” technique leaves me asking the question “Why???” later!

4. Annie Anderson - August 27, 2012

I like how narrow the strip of land is in proportion to the height of the clouds. it just goes on and on.

I don’t see the bunny or the turkey; maybe the underside of some giant Norse god, heading head-first into the earth. This is probably just my anxiety about an upcoming plane trip, though.

5. susancrow - August 29, 2012

It really does give that feeling of just how big the sky is compared to what we stand on. Makes you think, don’t it?

6. littlebangtheory - September 11, 2012

Yup. 🙂

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