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Between The Rains. August 12, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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After an unusually long dry spell, we seem to have entered the it-rains-every-day phase of our screwy New England weather cycle.  I can water the garden during dry spells, but keeping everything from rotting when we have too much rain is a bit more problematic.

Still, the wet weather has its advantages; our rivers certainly need the water, and if we’re going to have anything like a foliage season this year, so do the forests.

And the vistas of mists rising from the valleys is interesting to photograph, such as in this evening shot of a homestead in the Pudding Hollow section of Hawley:

There’s too much wrong with that photo for it to ever hang on a wall, but it’s passable for blog viewing.

Besides, while I have tons of other photos to process, I haven’t anything else ready to post, and I don’t want you all to fall asleep on me!  😆


1. 5kidswdisabilities - August 12, 2012

Beautiful picture!!!

2. susancrow - August 12, 2012

You may not like it so much but I think it’s a magical photograph.

3. TheCunningRunt - August 12, 2012

5k, welcome, and thanks! 🙂

susan, despite the photo’s technical flaws, it was indeed a magical evening, and I’m glad to have captured a bit of it for you.

4. prithviinspire - August 12, 2012

That one is really a beautiful picture snapped.

5. TheCunningRunt - August 13, 2012

p, thank you!

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