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1700 And Counting. August 12, 2012

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So it turns out that “Between The Rains” was my 1700th post here at Little Bang Theory.

Yaaay Me!!

Well, before I dislocate my shoulder trying to pat myself on the back, let me admit that some of them were pitifully brief, many were lame, a whole bunch were raging rabid rants, and at least one had a picture of my ass.

No, really.

So I just want to take a moment to thank all of you who have been here for me since April 28, 2007, who kept me honest (well, kinda ) and interested and encouraged me to post more photos. It was YOU who got me to take photography seriously. Your compliments embarrassed me into wanting to deserveΒ  them, and I tried harder. Thank you for changing my life for the better.

And I’d like to give a special shout-out to Blue Gal, the blogger who got me started. Back then I was doing mostly socio-political commentary; Blue Gal is still doing that, and SO much better than I ever did or ever could do. Go listen to her Friday podcasts with her new(ish) husband Driftglass. They’re priceless examples of cogent analysis and clear (if blue) language to argue for a saner world.

And lastly, a big thanks to Phydeaux, my first ever commenter, who turned out to be my long-lost Siamese Cousin from whom I was separated at birth (by a thousand miles and several years!)

OK, the music just started to play over me, and some Academy lackey is gesticulating ominously with The Hook from behind the curtains at stage left, so I gotta go.Β  I’ll mention my centennial blogiversaries whenever I notice them, and pray you’ll humor me.

Now back to our regular programming…



1. Bob - August 13, 2012

I’m glad you started this thing, lo, those many posts ago, and I’m still honored to have been your first. Commenter — your first commenter. πŸ™‚

I have enjoyed and know I will continue to enjoy your postings, whether verbal or visual — I’m really digging your photographic evolutions, btw. Even though I don’t speak up that often, I do pore over every photo.

Here’s to the next 1700 (and the 1700 after that, and the….)

-Phydeaux Speaks

2. TheCunningRunt - August 13, 2012

Cuz, you’re a true friend – someday we should actually meet! πŸ˜†

I hope things are well with you and your family. What a journey you’ve been on, and how things have changed for you since that first comment!

BTW, every time I post a photo of foggy hills and valleys I think of the Secret Lair… πŸ™‚

3. Paul in ABQ - August 14, 2012

I am so grateful for your postings, whether of photographs, rants, philosophical musings, or tender family moments. And I remember it was a cute butt. But I would. Keep up the great work; you enrich the world.

4. TheCunningRunt - August 14, 2012

Paul, you’ve always been kind and supportive, and I want you to know that you’re also an example of the kind of human being I strive to be in my better moments.

Thanks for that.

5. UM - August 15, 2012

1,700 is quite an impressive number. Keep it up!

6. TheCunningRunt - August 15, 2012

Ursi, I intend to, though my pace is slowing as I try to juggle a lot of other things. I can only say I’ll try to reward people’s patience with as frequent posts as I can manage.

7. emdoyle - August 16, 2012

Congratulations on 1700 posts. I really enjoy your photography, even the ones you say are no good. You’re right. They are way beyond good. They are awesome. You are inspiring because you keep pushing yourself to try new things. And you always succeed.

TheCunningRunt - August 16, 2012

Well, “always succeed” is a bit of a stretch; on a good day I succeed in learning something when I fail to take the photo I envision. Thanks for your enthusiastic support!

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