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A Boston Cameo. August 3, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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I recently had the happy occasion of going to Boston to pick up my elder daughter, whom I hadn’t seen in three years – she’s been living in California, and I’m a poor working stiff without the resources to travel.

Anyway, I never go anywhere without my camera, but as this was a surgical retrieval with a single purpose, I brought just the camera and the lens on it, no filters, no tripod, nothing fancy.  I wasn’t there to take photos, I was there to get my Sweetie and bring her home.

Well, of course things didn’t quite work out that way – our timing was imprecise, and I found myself with a little extra time just as the sun was setting and the moon was rising.  I noodled around between Harvard and Boston University, crossing the Charles river several times, and found a spot to park where I could snap a few shots off.

They looked like this.

A gibbous moon crests the Prudential building as dragon boats* sit idly on the Charles:

An armada of sailboats ply the waters below Hancock Place, Boston’s tallest building and, at 60 stories, the 50th tallest building in the United States:

A dock with smaller boats piled on near the same spot:

…and a view down river toward the nearby Longfellow Bridge and the farther-away Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge:

The rich light of the evening “happy hour” was nice enough to get away without even a polarizer, though I’ll cop to diddling these a bit in post-processing.

After a fifteen minute stop I was off to retrieve said Daughter, which will be another post.  🙂

*  I thought these were skulls, but Frau B knew better – Thanks, Frau B!  🙂



1. susancrow - August 4, 2012

I was just remembering when windows kept dropping off the Hancock. I guess they must have fixed that.

The pictures are great – the one of the small boats painted in primary colors is especially nice.

littlebangtheory - August 5, 2012

Susan, I think they “fixed that” by creating an inaccessible space around the base. I’m not positive about that – perhaps Frau B or some other more local commenter knows?

2. Frau Biergut - August 5, 2012

Actually, those are the dragon boats, not skulls. The aft chair has their version of the coxswain sitting and beating a drum, to which the paddlers keep time. It’s really something to see


TCR: Thanks, Frau B, I wondered about the tall seat, if perhaps it was a training feature…

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