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Independence Day, Shelburne Falls, Masaschusetts. July 5, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death, Politics and Society.
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We The People would like to wish our Country a Happy Birthday.

Out here in the western end of Franklin County, we do this with a parade, humble by some measures, but proud by ours.

It starts with a Color Guard of flags:

…enjoyed by local families:

Hey, we’re all having fun here!

…followed by a double handfull of veterans:

…one band:

…a Cub Scout den, who were to be the beneficiaries of the Chicken Bar-B-Q to follow:

…one “float,” promoting another event in a different town (mine):

…two horses:

…one bagpiper:

That’s Eric, a local producer of lots of pastured lamb.

Let me interrupt this parade to say that We The People were thoroughly enjoying this right-sized spectacle.  Families lined the curbs (can you spot the brothers?)

All were welcomed, people and pets:

Big people and Little people:

Yeah, that’s a repeat, but it tells the story…

There were displays of patriotism:

…and of skill and daring:

…and of Just Plain Cute:

There was a long line of classic cars, from which I culled this shot:

…and every piece of fire-fighting equipment in West County, God forbid that anything choose today to burst into flames:

Here, a little family digs (or doesn’t) the sirens of the passing fire engines:

…while kids wait for the candy tossed by every passing vehicle:

The parade wound through town, ending up at the local elementary school for a Bar-B-Q which benefitted the local cub scouts:

Great grilled chicken and fixings:

…and the happiness of a full belly:

So, a nice day and an unwieldly-long post about something which is only locally relevant.  I can’t help it; the local sights push all of my buttons, and seem to my provincial eye to be worth sharing.

BTW, this was shot with such a variety of lenses that I won’t bore you with the details.



1. L B - July 6, 2012

Little Bang, I love that you love our life out here and that you record it all in so many great ways. Long live life in the State of Western Massachusetts.

2. littlebangtheory - July 6, 2012

Laurie, seeing my (our) world in the light of loving it pleases me to the degree that I feel like a heel if I don’t share it. There’s so much to be upset or angry about I could slit my throat, but these displays of Joyous Being prevent me from any such extreme measures.

I hope they act as a balm for others who also walk that line.

3. lisahgolden - July 9, 2012

Total Americana. This is lovely.

4. littlebangtheory - July 9, 2012

Thanks Lisa. I’m such a softie these days, I just couldn’t stop smiling! 🙂

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