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Another Valley Shot. June 8, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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…of a field in Hadley.  The support structure for the tobacco shading is in place, though I’m not sure what’s been planted here.

Still, the skies are dramatic, so I pull over and take this shot:

Thanks to Elliot, with perhaps 1-1/2 degrees of tilt, a hand-held 3-stop reverse ND grad by Singh-Ray, and a foreground boost from Photoshop’s camera raw fill-light function.


1. Bob - June 8, 2012

Beautiful! (But you knew I’d say that. 😉 )

It’s been a long time since I lived in Tobacco Country, but those do bear — if my mind is functioning properly — a distinct resemblance to the ‘sets’ (young ‘backer plants) as I remember them being grown in NC.

These days I’m more likely to recognize coffee bushes or pineapple fields. 🙂

2. littlebangtheory - June 9, 2012

Cuz, I’m not a ‘backy fan, but local agriculture can use all the outlets at its disposal.

Guy, thanks for lurking and liking it. Your writing always knocks me out, keep doing what you’re doing.

3. littlebangtheory - June 9, 2012

…and Jeffrey, I’m flattered that you liked this one. Your skills with a camera make your appreciation very special to me!

4. susancrow - June 10, 2012

The sky was stunning shades of blue that day and you captured them all beautifully.

5. littlebangtheory - June 11, 2012

Susan, thanks. I’m drawn to the energy of those threatening/promising skies and unevenly lit landscapes.

6. Charlotte Mikkelsen - April 10, 2015

Can I have the picture of the moon over corn stubble in high resolution? Its so beautiful Br Charlotte

7. Ralph Munn - April 10, 2015

Sorry, I have no idea what photo you mean – Date, please?

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