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Lost And Found. June 4, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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The Deerfield river is widely known as a great trout fishing venue.  It’s fast and cold and relatively clean in the reaches here and above, and has rebounded from it’s Irene Make-Over with astonishing speed.  The section immediately above Charlemont is a catch-and-release area, no bait-fishermen please, and as such is a popular float-fishing destination for several fly-fishing outfitters.

The cardinal rule of Catch-and-Release is DO NO HARM so that returned fish survive and thrive.

So it’s a little bit karmic that this trebble-hook spinner, decidedly not  kind to fish (and frequently fatal) was lost among the logs and rocks just above town:

I hope it was his last one, and that its parting ended someone’s day of fun.

This is from Elliot, tripod-mounted within a foot of the rocks (yes, I was lying down on the job!)  Eight degrees of tilt, with a hand-held reverse-graduated ND filter.

TMI for most of you, but food for “inquiring minds…”


1. susancrow - June 5, 2012

It’s a wonderful shot – just wish I could see a larger version.

ps: Are those contrails among the clouds?

2. littlebangtheory - June 5, 2012

Yes, they’re contrails. They’re everywhere, to the chagrin of those of us hunting for Nature,

And if you click on the picture, then ctrl+ you might be able to enlarge it. I purposely post small files so my stuff doesn’t appear as someone else’ sale items. Sorry that it affects those of you who want to see it and don’t want to steal it, but it’s a rough world out there, and I put some version of most of my best stuff up here and don’t want to lose it.

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