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Tax Day, Northampton MA. April 17, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Politics and Society.
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There was an “action” today in Northampton, wherein the 99% made our voices heard:

Something struck me about the dozen or so participants:

…that is, they were almost all dust-farters like me.

They were the same people who had occupied the streets and commons back in ’70 to protest the Vietnam War.

Back then we were college students.  These days, the local college students brush by with their heads down, busily texting their friends about the ass-hugging jeans they’re on their way to buy.

Note To Kids:  We Old Folks won’t be here to wipe your asses all that much longer.  It’s time to start paying attention to your world.

It’s just a thought.


1. Gina - April 17, 2012

I was protesting the Nuclear Arms Freeze in the 80’s, as you know. I’ve seen the numbers dwindle among college students since that time.

Where were a hell of a lot more people our age, even? Well, you’re older than I am…but I won’t rub it in. 😉

2. Gina - April 18, 2012

P.S. Where did you pick up the term “dust farters”? And what is it? I like farter dusters better but that may be something else. 😉

3. Gina - April 18, 2012

I mean “fart dusters”.

4. littlebangtheory - April 18, 2012

I thunk it up myself. Go figure.

5. emdoyle - April 18, 2012

I’m guessing kids are not so apathetic as they are terrified of what is out there for their future (there is no future and the present is pretty lousy.) And if you even protest tuition hikes (now there’s a menacing topic,) you get pepper-sprayed. All of the social monies are being gutted to be given over to Defense and there are all kinds of opportunities there.


6. littlebangtheory - April 18, 2012

Eileen, you may be right, but I say this: There was an Arab Spring comprised of kids willing to risk their lives. And while American kids shouldn’t have to risk their lives, showing up for a peaceful protest isn’t a lot to ask.


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