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Woodland Beauties. April 10, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, macro photos.
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In the chill, dappled light of our New England woodlands, the pageant of Spring begins with tiny bits of color amongst last Autumn’s composting leaves.

Walk slowly through the striped landscape of slanting sun and tree trunk shadows.  Stop frequently, and if you have the time, wait for those shadows to sun-dial across the scene; you might be surprised at how quickly this happens, with the cool darkness thrown by treetops moving perceptibly while you hold your breath.

It’s in those shifting slivers of perpetual sunrise that little fires of white and yellow and incongruous maroon twinkle to life, ignited by the warmth and light like waking embers in a rising breeze.

The shy blossoms of Trailing Arbutus peek from beneath inauspicious leaves:

Newly tailored Dutchman’s Breeches flutter on the lines of their still-short racemes:

Spring Beauty ( a Claytonia, in the Purslane family) is abundant just now, but its tiny blossoms close tightly and nod demurely in the early morning cold.  Trout Lily will blanket this area in a couple of weeks, but for now they’re just pairs of fingerling leaves.

And Trillium is about to make its blood-red entrance to the Woodland Ball, though I haven’t yet seen any fully opened flowers:

I actually went to this spot to look for an uncommon Yellow Trillium, expecting to be early, but remembering that I was a bit late last year and not wanting to miss it twice in a row.  These sorts of woodland flowers last only until the leaves above them unfurl – then the show will move to the fields and meadows and roadside spaces.

Look for more woodland wonders in the next few weeks, and I will, too.  🙂


1. emdoyle - April 10, 2012

How do you know all the names of these flora and fauna that you catch so nicely? Do you belong to a plant society – Massachusetts Native Plant Society? Knowing what you are looking at gives a new appreciation for the vareties of plant life all around us.

2. littlebangtheory - April 10, 2012

Eileen, the only “society” I belong to is the Society of Denizens of Mother, Yo!

Actually, I took my stint in Boy Scouts seriously, at least until they got all God-and-Country on my ass. Then I hit the woods and explored/learned for myself. Forty years of doing that, and then Teh Googlz comes along, and voila! I know stuff!!

Well, at least a little… 😉

3. susancrow - April 10, 2012

These are really wonderful, so much so I’m not even going to try choosing a favorite. As Eileen said and I’ve said before, your posts are made even more special by the fact you’re so well acquainted with the territory, including all the flora and fauna.

btw: The reason I’m now using ‘susancrow’ is because several weeks ago wordpress picked up on the fact I had an account (used while guest posting elsewhere) and refused to let me use the google one so long as I’m on firefox. Strange, eh?

4. littlebangtheory - April 10, 2012

Susan, thanks once more. And yeah, Teh Webz is a strange planet, I really don’t understand it. How it all works is impacting my ability to get a photography website up and functional, so I have to keep trying to figure it out. But it IS a mystery. Thanks for the insight into the name change, though knowing it was you saved me from having to wonder about it at all.

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