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Giving You The Bird. April 8, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Our National symbol, that is.

Here in Western Massachusetts we have a resurgent population of eagles, which were extremely rare in my youth.  Conservation and re-introduction efforts since the ban on DDT have been one of the great success stories of the modern environmental movement, and I’m thrilled every time I witness the results.

Along my local stretch of the Deerfield river we have frequent eagle sightings; they’re nesting near-by, though I’m not sure where.

Yesterday I got home in the evening and unloaded my camera gear and groceries, then saw the laundry basket in the back seat and remembered that I had a load drying at the laundromat in the next town down river.  I hopped back in the car and went for it, and along the way spotted three eagles roosting in a tree across the river – damn!   I always  have my camera with me, but… not tonight.  Bummer!

I carried on and retrieved my laundry, then headed home, and don’tcha know, there they still were, three eagles in one tree.  And me without my camera.

So I got home, ditched the laundry, grabbed my camera and headed back down river.

I know: my chances of success at this point were slim.  But if I didn’t try,  my chance of success was zero.

So I went, and some little while later as I pulled around the bend into view, I saw…

…two eagles.

Oh well.  Mother Nature isn’t obliged to mark time while I get my act together.

So here are a few shots Gizmo snagged over the next twenty minutes.  I resolved as soon as I turned the key off to stay ’till somebody took wing, and many cramps later I got my wish:

Yeah, I shoulda been closer, but there was the small matter of a river between us.  And I shoulda had an 800mm lens, but that’s several more thousands of dollars I don’t have either.

So I got what I got, and I hope you like it.


1. Ursula - April 10, 2012

Like it? I love it! What a great story, too. Nice composition and weight balance in all of them — particularly the last three. I’m glad you went back, as I have so enjoyed the results. Been a while since I saw one of these big, intense guys myself.


2. susancrow - April 10, 2012

Every so often I find myself wishing I carried a camera but even if I did I’d never manage pictures like these. Wild and wonderful.

3. littlebangtheory - April 10, 2012

Susan, I bet you’d get plenty worth sharing. And having a camera handy makes me pay attention, even when I don’t get the shot, so think about keeping your camera on board.

Ursula, they’re amazing to watch. The other day as I was driving downriver past the Academy an eagle was parallelling me, repeatedly diving into the water and trying to grab trout. I didn’t see a catch, and it wasn’t possible to get a photo, but it totally made my day! 🙂

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