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Easter 2012. April 8, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.
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Whether or not one considers themselves to be Christian, the life and lessons attributed to Jesus of Nazareth, as put forth in the Bible’s New Testament, are worth considering as a template for one’s life.  A simple carpenter born of an unwed mother and imbued with a passion for Social Justice, Jesus hung out with the poor, the helpless, the disenfranchised.  He challenged bigotry and discrimination.  He recognized the Devine in every living thing, spoke Truth to Power, and paid for it with his life.

Let’s take this opportunity to think about what we can do to honor his sacrifice, and perhaps look skyward and say, “Thank You:”

Happy Easter to all, and have a selfless day.


1. susancrow - April 8, 2012

You are absolutely right. I hope the day was a good one for you.

2. littlebangtheory - April 8, 2012

Susan, Crow, it was. Some photographs, a few kisses, phone calls from my daughters, hacienda-made Mexican for dinner. Life is good.

I hope you had a nice day as well. Happy Easter! 🙂

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