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Wholly Cow! April 4, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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This is Camellia, a Scottish Highland cow:

Despite her fearsome horns, she’s a cream-puff.  Seems all Highlanders are; it’s one of the reasons they’re among the oldest of domesticated livestock.  Still, I was glad to be in the company of her mommy Carolyn, who assured me of her  domesticity.

Plus, she’s all kindso’ Preggers, and is going to drop a little Camellia any day now.  I’ll get photos if I can.

Meanwhile the proud Mom-to-be is, as are most in her circumstances, radiant:

What a doll, eh?




1. L B - April 4, 2012

She’s sweet, hope you get photos of the babe’s. Still and always love your blog. Post your great photos, you know the area better than we do, you have the eye and the skills, so go post, for sale. You’ve got the goods, the rest is just a good frame shop and a shipper away. Matte or flat finish, under glass, framed and numbered print, can ship anywhere. Poat a blog library, offer 5 x8, 8 x 10, full size, I’m buying more than one thing thank you very much.

2. littlebangtheory - April 5, 2012

Thanks, Laurie. 🙂 Getting a functioning website up and running is turning out to be a bit of a trial (and a helluva lot of $$$,) but I’m working on it. You’ll hear it here when I get that happening!

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