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Mt. Holyoke’s Spring Flower Show! March 13, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Most of March (through next weekend, as I’m posting this) sees Mount Holyoke College’s annual Spring Flower Show at their Botanic Gardens, a sprawling series of greenhouses just east of the campus’ center.

It’s a refreshing departure from Smith College’s staid cattle-call, which is happening concurrently.  Smith’s greenhouses are beautiful, but the elbow-to-elbow death-march through their tightly choreographed presentation makes me want to bleat out loud.

By contrast, Mt. Holyoke is a refreshing walk in the garden, whether it’s white or brown outside the glass.  And the atmosphere is mellow; sure, bring that tripod right in (I didn’t this time,) there’s plenty of time, lots of room.

It was casually inviting enough to coax me in both on Saturday, with my daughter Ursula, and on Sunday with my sweetie Susan.  Both visits kept me rapt and focused on my work, with frequent excited interactions with both of these enthusiastic co-conspirators.

The entry takes one past impressive Amaryllises like this Rilona:

…to a series of greenhouses filled with fragrant beauty:

The weather was unusually mild for March in Massachusetts, and their windows were fully open, allowing lots of honey bees to love their floral hosts:



We in the Northeast are struggling through an epidemic of Colony Collapse Disorder, but there were still quite a few honey bees about to spread the wealth of this beautiful collection of specimens.

The air was filled with the fragrance of thousands of blossoms, and I inhaled deeply of the bounty.  Freesia were abundantly represented:

I have too many shots of these to share, lest I drive you away screaming.

But really, it was the blossoms which I was there for:

I lost that one’s name, and may add it later.

Being Spring, corcuses were well represented:

…and tulips, the mainstay of Spring floweriness:

All this and more characterize this flower show.  More shots will follow, as I’m presently going blind sifting through this stuff.


1. eileen - March 14, 2012

Beautiful flowers, beautiful colors!

2. TheCunningRunt - March 14, 2012

Thank you, Eileen, I’m glad you think so.

3. susancrow - March 16, 2012

It certainly was a beautiful show and you have the pictures to prove it. I was delighted to know they’d opened the windows and honeybees had flown inside.

4. littlebangtheory - March 16, 2012

Susan, the weather was too delightful to be left out of such an event, and the attentive staff were all about adjusting the venue to suit the environment. More on that in my next post on this show, though I’m currently indisposed…

5. UM - March 18, 2012

Having been there myself, I can say you did these beauties justice and then some. I am a fan of the honeybee landing. :} Any good ones of the funky cacti we so delighted in!?


6. littlebangtheory - March 18, 2012

They’re coming, My Dear. I’ve been a bit “distracted” over the past few days, so the processing is slow. I want to do them justice as well!

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