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In Like A Lion. March 2, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death, Politics and Society.
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So it’s March, and don’tcha just know it, it’s winter.


Except for our October Surprise, of course.

Nonetheless, I was prompted to head upriver to see what this storm had made of our neighborhood.  I drove northward through some semblance of sleet and steel grey skies:

The river was cloaked in something akin to Marshmallow Fluff:

Along the way, there was evidence of small animals stumbling about, murmuring, “WTF, what happened to Spring??”

The answer, my little friends, is it’s been postponed by current events:

Eventually I got up to Readsboro VT, where a couple of buildings caught my fancy.  The First Baptist Church:

…and an abandoned building, boarded up in a delightful fashion:

I’ve marveled at this before, though I don’t recall stopping to photograph it.  It’s at its best when the skies are blue and sporting sunset clouds which approximate the hues and textures depicted on the rather excellent paintings thrown up on the windows of this once grand building.

This is a testament to those folks who reside in this proud but struggling Vermont village.  Prosperity has packed up and left for warmer climes, but hope holds on here.  Perhaps it’s because the resources to relocate don’t exist, but perhaps it’s because the folks who grew up here love the place, and have decided to stand and fight.

I’m thinking it’s the latter, though I can’t help remembering the Alamo.



1. Gina - March 3, 2012

Wonderful photo essay and thoughts on Vermont and Vermonters.
Be careful out there, though. There are fruit loops in the woods, year-round. Which I can attest to, having worked in Vermont for two years.

2. susan - March 3, 2012

We didn’t get quite the same amount of snow here but enough to come to the conclusion that winter arrived this morning and left by afternoon.

Your pictures of the late snow are very cool.

3. TheCunningRunt - March 3, 2012

Gina, thanks for the cautionary note. I know what you mean – I used to play pool at a little one-tooth bar up on the VT line, and there were some real specimens there, the kind you wanted on your side when the shit hit the fan, and most definitely didn’t want to cross.

Susan, I had a brief fantasy of getting out on my snow shoes at least once this winter, but that evaporated as the snow settled into a dense, sticky glop. Ah well, perhaps this April…

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