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Expecting Spring. February 26, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death, Politics and Society.
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The fields outlying Northampton ought to be deep in snow this time of year, anticipating the annual floods which accompany the Spring thaw.

But they’re not.  They’re silt-laden from the waters of Irene, cracked and dried in the subsequent sun, and anticipating nothing beyond longer days and warmer temperatures:

The Holyoke Range recedes into the east, with Mount Hitchcock appearing as the high point, though it’s not quite that.

With nothing to melt in these parts and scant snow cover up north, I’m not anticipating much of a Spring Surge on the Connecticut river, the once-proud benefactor of the fertile farmlands of its namesake valley.

Again, I wonder what this is all coming to.  Change happens whether we participate in it or not – I’m not lamenting the change, but rather wondering if we’re causing it to happen faster than the rest of Nature can adapt.

This is a bit more of Elliot’s handiwork, though the foreground fodder was barely worth noticing.


1. Kathleen McGovern - February 29, 2012

I live right by the meadows and am amazed to watch how much it’s changed there throughtout the whole year. I always go kayaking (thanks to OLP) underneath the blue heron rookery that’s in the meadows when it floods, but this year I don’t believe it will flood enough to do that. Alas! Love the photographs, Ralph!!!!! Nice seeing you last year up at Catamount

2. TheCunningRunt - February 29, 2012

Kathleen, likewise. And I fear you’re right about the evolving state of things – “Spring floods” will be meager at best this year. Ecosystems which rely on replenishing flood plains will be hard pressed to survive; amphibians which rely on vernal pools are likely to suffer disastrous population losses.

This may be, as the Australians have deemed it, The New Normal, though I’m reluctant to accept that without hoping for more.

Thanks for the kind words about the Sears Meadow / old growth photos (I assume you’re referring to that post; WordPress is a little funny like that.)

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