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Miss Hemlock’s Knotty Bits. February 24, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Miss Hemlock may be old, but her knotty bits are still impressive:

The inside of this ancient (several centuries old) hemlock is studded with the “knots” which gave roots to her lower branches.  Heart-rot and time have revealed them to the casual passer-by, such as me.

And Elliot, who notices such things.


1. susan - February 24, 2012

You wag, you.

2. littlebangtheory - February 24, 2012

If “wag” means something like “troll,” yeah, I’m trolling for hits with those goofy tags. If it doesn’t mean that, I’m clueless! 🙂

3. susan - February 25, 2012

wag: a person given to droll, roguish, or mischievous humor; wit.

That about sums it up 🙂

4. littlebangtheory - February 26, 2012

Guilty as charged, Yer Honor! 😉

5. lisahgolden - February 26, 2012

I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s as if the tree, poor Miss Hemlock, has been turned inside out.

6. littlebangtheory - February 27, 2012

Yes, isn’t it? Pretty cool to come across this in the woods.

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