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Meanwhile, Back At The Ridge… February 24, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in climbing.
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Dakota sends the obvious line from a sit-start:

This was, in addition to Dakota’s excellent effort, a chance for me to do something different with Elliot.  I usually use his “tilt” function to extend my depth of field, as in landscapes where I keep a foreground element sharp while getting the whole scene in focus.  But here I’ve isolated the climber by dissolving the rest of the photo in a slurry of soft focus.  Having Elliot on a tripod allowed me to get the (more or less) same shot of the rock with Dakota moving through the image, with a plane of sharp focus laid diagonally from lower right to upper left.

It was odd to be an observer of this climbing excursion.  I’ve been a climber all my adult life, and still dabble as my broken body allows.  But on this day, I didn’t even bring my climbing shoes; I wanted to disengage from the physical and observe.

It was one of the hardest days I can remember.  I’m not a born “watcher;”  I lost my taste for television, for instance, decades ago.  But my damaged shoulders constrained my participation.  So while the climber in me paced like a caged beast,  the Outer Me snapped away.

I suppose I’ll have to get used to being an observer, but it still feels odd.



1. dianelmccracken - February 24, 2012

Again, I marvel at the crisp, vivid, pictures! Not to mention the adventure! I am with you, no TV! We got rid of it in January! One of the best things we ever did! How did you injure your shoulder?

Thank you for the excellent quality of pictures! I takes 1000’s for the memory, and I am noticing quality, and wanting to learn it!


2. littlebangtheory - February 25, 2012

Diane, I wrecked them climbing, and it’s both of them.

The main thing about photography to me is seeing. If you can see what your lens is going to deliver and you like it, snap away. Do as much as possible manually, and see what happens. Being able to manipulate an image before you capture it blows away adjusting it in post-processing.

And Blessings back atcha.

dianelmccracken - February 25, 2012

Is it something I can learn to do? I have 90,000 pictures on SmugMug. I love taking pictures… Calorie free treats, frozen forever, yet my eye LOVES how your eye captures AWESOME calorie free treats, frozen forever.

3. susan - February 25, 2012

The shots are wonderful but I understand your pain. As I age I’m becoming more aware of just how grateful I am that I can still go for long walks and climb the odd slippery slope.

4. eileen - February 26, 2012

I loved the shots and your detailed explanations about how you composed them. Thanks for sharing that info.

I remember from time to time how I used to enjoy skipping. But I weighed 45 lbs and so it was effortless. I wouldn’t dare try to do that now – the whole age/weight ratio thing going on. I’m also considering suggesting an advisory that adults should not be allowed to wear “heelies,” I’m sure you’ve seen little kids roll by you. They’re just not good for grownups.

5. littlebangtheory - February 27, 2012

Eileen, are those the shoes with wheels in the heels??? They look like sooooo much fun, but not for us brittle old farts, we’d be in fragments before lunch! 😆

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