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“Freeze At Last, Freeze At Last…” January 13, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Well, we failed miserably at our stated intention of having a White Christmas, but it looks like we’re working our wintry way toward a White Martin Luther King Day.

Let me know if you detect a hint of irony there.

Not that it’s entirely “in the bag” – we only have a couple of inches from last night’s weather event, and a bit more predicted for tomorrow – but still, it’s as close to Winter as we’ve gotten since October!

I took a ride up into Hawley to catch a few views of the white stuff before nightfall.  Along Route 8A, stately white pines stabbed skyward beneath a burden of heavy, wet snow:

It was the kind of snow which insists on not being shoveled despite its low loft, and even when it’s plowed, can render a steep driveway a Triple-Black-Diamond run:

The sign here reads “Eggert’s Folly,” and it’s rated Most Difficult.   I took their word for it.

The new coat of white rendered a hot property a bit easier on the eyes:

That tumble-down old garage actually sits on a nice piece of property, if you don’t mind being limited to six hours of sunlight a day (it’s in a narrow spot in the deep Chickley river valley.)

But my favorite shot from the ride was this one, of the Chickley burbling along through a relatively undamaged section of the elsewhere devastated river:

I’m always amazed at the vivid greens proffered by snow-sopped rivers; it often (as here) contrasts with the monochrome surroundings of wet wood and white snow.

We’re expecting a bit more snow tomorrow, followed by blistering (but seasonally appropriate) cold, which I hope will provide me with more traditional winter shots, with sparkly landscapes beneath Arctic-blue skies.

Hey, I can dream, can’t I?





1. eileen - January 13, 2012

I know what you mean about the green in the water – is it moss? I like the warning post, but the shot of the chickley the best.

I have a photo of a large, wooden, bucket-type planter that is frozen (was). That’s it so far in Philly. Winter in a bucket.

Good luck on more snow this weekend and great photos.

2. Pamela Shrimpton - January 13, 2012

Always happy to see your shots of Hawley, especially my neck of the woods along the Chickley River. You must have driven right past Forge Hill Road – don’t forget to visit Forge Hollow! Thanks for the pictures…they are unbelievably beautiful.. Just trying to comment in between my satellite internet outages, which happen regularly during snow. But Yay Snow!

Forge Hollow Farm

3. Mauigirl - January 13, 2012

Beautiful scenes. Still no snow here in NJ but I think our cabin in the southern Adirondacks got some today.

4. littlebangtheory - January 13, 2012

eileen, no – that’s how light refracts off the plastic structure of the snow which breaks loose from shelves, saturates and sinks. It’s more striking with more light, but it came through here despite the thick overcast and waning light.

Pamela, I think I turned around in your driveway! It was approaching dinner time, and I tried to be as unobtrusive as possible, but another time perhaps we can meet in person.

BTW, I took a couple of shots of the Forge Hollow Meeting House, which I might post if I get the time.

Mauigirl, I’m sure the ‘Daks are looking very wintry right about now – I know the Berkshires certainly are!

5. lisahgolden - January 13, 2012

That pop of red barn and for sale sign grabs me where I live. The other photos are wintery perfection.

6. susan - January 13, 2012

Oh, it all does indeed look very pretty but I liked the green water against the snowy riverbank the best.

7. littlebangtheory - January 13, 2012

lisa, susan, thanks for commenting. Your different choices as favorites make me smile – I caught something for each of you! 🙂

8. jomegat - January 13, 2012

It took a second, but yes – I saw the irony.

I went out into my woods tonight around 10:30pm. I dug up a few of those tiny evergreens so I can use them to tell a story in church tomorrow. It’s not deep enough for snowshoes, but it’s deep enough to make it seem like winter.

Loved your pictures.

9. littlebangtheory - January 14, 2012

j, you’re lucky to have been able to dig them up – I’ll assume it was from a wet area, as all of our drier ground has been frozen solid since long before the snow!

jomegat - January 14, 2012

It is pretty wet in those areas, and there’s a lot of leaf litter too. I think that helps keep it from freezing. Oh – and all the digging was in the snow. Once the plant was exposed, I cut a little snippet off with my pocket knife.

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