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Hank 2011. January 10, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death, Politics and Society.
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While out “hunting” today I chanced upon Balanced Rock in Pittsfield State Forest.  It’s a large (20′) glacial erratic, a chunk of limestone perched delicately on a small point, its inverted pyramidal mass hovering incongruously above the ferns and the moss of the surrounding woodland scene.

What seemed more incongruous, though, was the surface of this once-white wonder:

I could almost see John Muir crying and Jackson Pollock furrowing his brow at the lack of intention displayed by the Blotto Spawn of Pittsfield’s Poor.

I’ve long since let go of my expectations that people will behave as though they respect the world which gives them a life filled with beauty and possibilities.  The fact is, it doesn’t.  Many of these kids watched their Dad die from the cancer he contracted building transformers for General Electric, their Mom smoke and drink herself into a crippled stupor, and both of their jobs get shipped to Malaysia when the EPA cracked down on that mess.

If I was looking forward to a lifetime of filthy streets and flipping burgers for pennies, I might be inclined to piss on the world, too.

“Hank 2011” is one of the small number of people who raised their voices to here say “I EXIST,” without stepping on the faces of those who came before him.  Perhaps Hank stands a chance of making it out of here alive.

Good luck, Hank.  I’m rooting for you.



1. susan - January 11, 2012

I remember a friend in OR telling me about having found her favorite mountain hot spring surrounded by broken bottles and many of the surrounding trees with gunshot wounds. It’s heartbreaking.

2. littlebangtheory - January 11, 2012

susan, I’m sorry to hear that.

Many years ago I hiked the half-hour into one of my favorite backwoods swimming holes, only to be joined shortly by a gang of college-age guys and gals who dispatched a case of Lowenbrau beers, smashing the bottles on the rocks rising from the waters of my Favorite Place. I gathered my ‘nads and called then on it as I cleaned up what I could – they were six, and I was one.

They laughed at me, called me things I won’t repeat, and left, smashing the remainder of their bottles on the way out.

After filling my shirt with shards of broken glass (I had nothing else to put it in,) I hiked back up to my car, only to find all of its windows smashed out.

Forty years later, it still hurts to talk about that. Today I’d do it all over again, but I’d follow them out more closely and get their license plate number!

3. susan - January 12, 2012

I think the 1% is a state of mind as much as a representation of our economy. There aren’t all that many of them but the havoc they can wreak affects many. You’re a very brave man.

4. Nakia pollock - March 6, 2014

Hi my name is nakia pollock, I googled Jackson pollock and john muir and your post came up and found it quite funny and a little ironic, and mostly heartbreaking because I am related to both john muir and Jackson pollock. Anyways, I’m now on a journey to fix this place up in the near future. So long.

littlebangtheory - March 6, 2014

Hi Nakia, Good to “meet” you. Thanks for reading and acknowledging this post after three years!

By “clean this place up,” do you mean Balanced Rock? It’s a large rock, and the clean-up will require a fair bit of time and some resources… Assuming that’s what you have in mind, I’d be interested in documenting your efforts (and helping.) I’m about an hour away, and while I’ll shortly be returning to weekday work, I could come out on weekends.

Are you in this area, or will you travel?

Contact me on Facebook, Ralph Munn. I’m a photographer, if that helps to identify me.

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