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What I Saw. January 5, 2012

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Today’s Roll-About beneath steel gray skies looked like an exercise in futility until I got westward to Williamstown, where a few views inspired me to get out into the wind and snow squalls and contort Elliot into action.  Here’s some of what I got.

Fences in a pasture:

A red barn in light wind-driven snow:

Those two had a bit of “tilt” to get the front-to-back focus I wanted, as well as an array of hand-held graduated filters.

This next one, though, was an impromptu portrait of a horse who came over to greet me, changing my plans and necessitating some hasty manual work:

What a sweetie, though he’d likely bite me if he heard me say that!  🙂

More later from today’s foraging.  I’m undecided as to whether they’ll be color or B&W, so give me a little while.


1. jomegat - January 6, 2012

The red in that barn demands respect!

2. Clair Z. - January 6, 2012

“Hasty manual work,” indeed. I wish I knew 1/100 of what you do about photography, and was able to combine the knowledge with just 1/1000 of how you see the world. Oh, dear, sounds like shameless flattery. I mean it, though.

3. littlebangtheory - January 7, 2012

j, it certainly did “in the flesh,” and I’m pleased to hear that came through in this sub-optimal viewing venue.

Claire, I’m a little way up a steep hill of learning, but happy to wrap myself around your appreciation of my efforts.

I had a forty-five minute conversation with an older (!) man who claimed he “would never be a photographer,” but none the less held sway with tales of photographic accomplishments and esoteric techniques and tools which had my head spinning. Was he blowing smoke, or really that far beyond my understanding? I’m leaning toward the latter, because it grows the world of possibilities spread out before me, waiting for my exploration.

I can live without knowing, but I’d shrivel up and die if I thought there was no way to continue learning.

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