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When It’s Ugly Outside… December 7, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in macro photos.
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I know, it’s un-citizenly to think of Mother Nature as serving up The Big Ugly, but you know, sometimes She just does.

November and December can be temporal proof of that.  Gone are the colors, out comes the mud.  It ain’t pretty.

Like today, with a thick pall weighing down the world, a pervasive grayness gripping every view.  I didn’t see any reason to break out the camera at work, and afterward it went from gray to black in half an hour.

Then, as these things happen, I came home to a cold house with this little potted violet sitting over the kitchen sink, doing its mating dance for no one in particular, unless it’s you:

She’s plump and expectant, thrusting her sexy bits upward from creamy sheets of crystalline bliss:

This was a nice find on an otherwise  uninspiring day.

Tonight the rain is supposed to turn to snow, and depending on when and where the transition takes place, we could have a reprieve from Teh Ugly by morning.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, eh?

Thanks to Ziggy for these macro shots.  They were a nice counterpoint to the larger-world details of getting the wood stove up and running so I can get scantily clad and relax before bedtime.

Which is happening right about now.

G’Night.  😉


1. Laurie B - December 7, 2011

Nice that you found the violet mating dance, all wiggly and warm in your kitchen. We’ve had forsythia, azaeleas and a star magnolia in bloom here, down near the river. I’d been saying “It’s too warm” for many a day but this first cold rain and snow by morning. Yuck. I love life here in western MA but I’d opt out for the Carolina coast any day and any time soon. The next time I hear “happy anniversary”, I hope that it has a condominium attached. I could enjoy your photos from anywhere!

2. Paul in ABQ - December 8, 2011

You do nature porn so very well.

Lovely photos.

3. lisahgolden - December 8, 2011

I love it that you captured the sparkly effects of the petals. It’s like she’s wearing body glitter.

4. Annginette Adelia Anderson - December 8, 2011

“Scantily clad”! “Her sexy bits”! Plant porn — you crack me up! Seriously, though, thanks for these delicious close-ups and vivid writing on a dreary, rainy day.

PS I’ve passed a link to your blog on to my rock-climbing, nature-loving, geologist nephew in Colorado — hoping he’ll subscribe to get more.

— Annie

5. susan - December 8, 2011

I used to have a nice collection of african violets (among many others) but had to let everything go when we chose to move 4000 miles – except for cuttings from a very old Christmas cactus. It’s bigger now but too young to bloom. Right next to it is a young violet I’ve grown from a leaf. I’m looking forward to seeing what color she’ll be when she blooms.

Meanwhile, this was lovely enough for now.

6. littlebangtheory - December 8, 2011

Laurie, it’s been a strange Autumn/transitional season, with things which should be dormant sprouting like it’s Spring. I hope this doesn’t bode poorly for their survival. And don’t be so quick to abandon the Seasons of Your Discomfiture. I hear that most people who make The Leap feel displaced and denied their birthright! 😉

Paul, yes, thank you. I had to push my chair back a bit for this one…

Lisa, it is indeed sparkly, and I’m pleased that it shows in the photo. I played with the light some to get that to register. PS, body glitter is the ultimate accessory to God’s Own Outfit!

Annie, Thanks for being easily amused 😉 by my silliness. I’m a bit of a Hedonist and a fool for the simple things. And thanks also for passing my link along to your nephew. I’m getting back to climbing as a voyeur, so might have something of interest to him posted now and then.

Susan, I’m sorry to hear that your move entailed that level of loss, though I assumed that such a long one necessarily would. Good luck with your remaining charges, and here’s hoping you find what grows well where you are now. 🙂

7. Laurie B - December 10, 2011

Hey, CR, I’m a Northern Girl at heart. I would feel displaced any place else other than here. So we summer in NH, and winter in Massachusetts? What’s that about? Eventually we’ll be both retired and we’ll be like my mom and won’t really have to go out at all in bad weather. Cheery thought, that one. Once we get that new generator hooked up, we can run the fridge, the freezer and the still. Happy campers we will be! If we can remember how to flip the switch and use it. Really, Southern Carolina isn’t an option? Oh, hell.

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