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A Full Beaver Moon. November 10, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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The Full Beaver Moon, as the Algonquian people refer to the full moon of November, is an illusive sight – it’s not a particularly settled time as weather goes, and given the statistical propensity for cloudy weather during any  full moon, the likelihood of getting a clear shot at November’s Finest is slim.

So I wasn’t surprised ( though I’ll admit to a bit of disappointment) to find this evening’s almost-full-moon rising through a thick layer of haze, yielding this suboptimal image:

It’s a curse, this quest for a nice shot of a full moon.  Maybe the clearer air of winter will be more cooperative, but tonight’s wasn’t..

Anyway, switching gears and lenses,  I headed westward into Williamstown, aiming for a western slope I knew of.  The plan was to let the moon rise above the haze, then catch it in reasonable proximity to some pastoral scene which sloped upward to the East, and hopefully before the last light had left the land so there’d be something to pin it to.

I got lucky.  With Elliot on the box, I snagged this shot of cat-tails issuing their rheumy rattle to an indifferent moon:

This twenty second exposure suffered some breezes, so it’s not what it might have been, but I dug the juxtaposition of the colorless foreground grasses and cattails and the still-trying pasture beyond.  Tall things seem to give it up sooner as Winter approaches, yet somehow they’ll persist in their dessicated state long after the sun has returned and most smaller things have self-composted.

Further on up the hill, the corn stubble of a harvested field lead my eye to a nearly full moon and tonight’s companion, Jupiter:

…though the latter is barely discernible at blog resolutions.

These are both  courtesy of Elliot, at f:20 and about two degrees of tilt.

Well, given the forecast, that’s likely to be it for November moons.  We’ll have sleet and more wet snow before the weekend gets away.


1. Bob - November 10, 2011

Never did I expect to see Full Beaver shots on your blog. I just cannot bel–

What’s that? Full Beaver Moon? Oh.

Never mind.


2. littlebangtheory - November 10, 2011

Heheheh, you silly boy! 🙂

3. UM - November 10, 2011

LOL the above made me laugh.

Also, Dad…suboptimal my bum. Sure, it lacks the clarity, etc. (forgive my complete ignorance of tech terms here) of almost all your other shots, but it’s special in its own right. That rainbow sky is one of my FAVORITE parts of natural landscape; I keep my eyes peeled for it constantly. This photo looks like a Polaroid or something, doesn’t it? Perhaps that makes you dissatisfied with it technically, but it’s warm and comforting to me. I’d love it as a postcard.

In any case, you must have truly ENJOYED living in this moment. So, so purty, Pops. And there’s a lot to be said for the real-life experience of all this beauty. So, there.

The others are brilliant as well.

Love you!

Bob - November 12, 2011

That first photo reminds me of the 40-leven hundred slide photos my dad took in Alaska over a half-century ago, so maybe your dad was (c’mon, Cuz, I’m tryna help you out here) going for that aged-slide look. 🙂

littlebangtheory - November 12, 2011

Yeah, that must be it! 😉

4. littlebangtheory - November 11, 2011

Ursi, thanks. You have a good eye, though it’s not entirely unbiased. 😉

The hazy moon was a little disappointing; Gizmo is capable of a good deal more, but haze is its Achilles’ Heel. But the corn stubble shot was more than I imagined it might be. I’ll show you that one in its not-dumbed-down-for-blogs state when you next come to visit. 😉

5. susan - November 11, 2011

That certainly is a beautiful rainbow sky as Ursi mentioned. The corn stubble one is excellent too.

6. julianhoffman - November 14, 2011

Just adore the final image, a corn-stubble army laid low by the moon. Beautiful…

7. littlebangtheory - November 14, 2011

Julian, thanks – that’s my favorite as well. The actual photo is soooo much nicer than the blog version, it might be worth printing! 🙂

8. Vikki - November 18, 2011

These are all beautiful, but my fav is the one of the cat-tails and the distant moon against that incredible sky!

I find that one print-worthy as well. Just sayin’. 🙂


9. littlebangtheory - November 23, 2011

Vikki, it’s a bit rough in the large, if you know what I mean. But it serves its purpose here in the Blogosphere.

And it does have a lot going for it, from textural through chromatic gradations.

I’m glad you like it. 😉

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