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Progress Report. November 8, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Politics and Society.
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Route 2, the Mohawk Trail in these parts, took a massive hit from the flooding of Tropical Storm Irene, and looked like it might be closed for years.

But our can-do Governor Patrick threw down the gauntlet that it’d be open by December 15, and damn if they aren’t going to make that happen!

Here’s a shot of the progress at a huge wash-out in Florida where I spend many of my work days, the one I’ve posted before with hanging guardrails and pontificating politicians.  It looks different now,  thanks to the ’round-the-clock efforts of Northern Construction, working fourteen 12-hour shifts a week:

That’s looking downriver, whereas the “before” shots were looking upriver.  But you get the picture: that’s a buttload of gravel and stone you’re looking at.

Thanks to the unionized working folks (yes, there are women on the job too, though they’re few) who make our world go ’round.  They bust their asses for a daily wage while the people with the connection$ rake in the profits.  It’s nearly inconceivable to me that the Haves don’t appreciate the efforts of their workers enough to assure their futures, but in the grander scheme of things, that seems to be the case.  Union workers like these folks are under attack from their Corporate Overlords, albeit by way of the brown-shirt dimwits of the Tea Party.

At any rate, we might just make the December 15th target.

Thank you, my hard-working brothers and sisters.


1. susan - November 11, 2011

Great work. That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment in a short amount of time.

2. Bob - November 12, 2011

Izzat a big-ass turkey in the middle of the shot?

Also, what susan said.

3. littlebangtheory - November 12, 2011

Yes, it’s laudable progress. And no, Cuz, that’s not a turkey :). That’s a laborer carrying a big pile of the felt layered in between fill and stone to keep things from intermixing.

Bob - November 12, 2011

Whoa! Man, does that change the scale of the photo! I thought it was too small to be a person, based on the size of the traffic barrels on the upper level.

It’s even more impressive than I first thought! (also, I didn’t really think it was a turkey, because that site is way too noisy even for one of the most stupid animals EVAH [discounting Republican presidential candidates] to blithely wander into)

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