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Fading Colors, Shifting Winds. November 7, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Politics and Society.
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The air is changing here in Western Massachusetts.  It feels like winter is bearing down on us, even when daytime temps belie that perception.

So it seemed, this past week, like if I was going to catch the last of the colors, it would have to be now or never.  So here goes.

Bittersweet laying claim to a barn in Hadley:

…as if it had any right to it.

That’s by Elliot, with a hand-held 3-stop soft step filter.

And this, a shot of some horses’ asses which I’d hoped to use to illustrate a Republican Debate:

…but then, it’s just one photo, and there are so many asses to illustrate, so that just kinda didn’t happen.

Perhaps I’ll find a nice Shriner Mini to get political with.

Meanwhile, I think that’s about it for Fall colors.

Later, then.


1. Bob - November 7, 2011

Love the vineage (although I’m sure the trees don’t) in that lower picture.

And I could look at pictures of old barns all. day. long. 🙂

2. jomegat - November 7, 2011

I keep marveling on my drive to work that the road is still so beautiful with fall colors. I expected the snowstorm to strip the trees in less than a day. Somehow, the leaves held on, and the trees are still quite stunning.

3. littlebangtheory - November 7, 2011

Bob, I’m down with old barns, but down on bittersweet! 😆

j, I noticed that as well. I think the trees just weren’t ready to let go yet, so they didn’t! I worry about their health going forward, though.

4. eileen - November 7, 2011

The colors are so beautiful and you have captured them forever.

5. susan - November 7, 2011

The colors in both are very clear and yet very soft. I’m always so happy you take the time to do this even though we have our own autumn beauty around here. There can’t be too much.

6. littlebangtheory - November 8, 2011

eileen, susan, thank you both. And no, there’s never enough appreciation of the abundant beauty all around us. I’m trying to see it, and happy to share it.

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