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On The Farm. October 20, 2011

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Sheep dig dinner at a farm in upper Shelburne:

Lambs, too:

The adults were wonderfully protective of this little one, and boxed her in when she seemed inclined to come investigate me:

She disappeared from view just after I snapped this photo.

Very aware, these farm animals are.

In Deerfield. October 19, 2011

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Along the Deerfield river.  At a flower farm.  These rows weren’t harvested, I don’t know why:

Black Eyed Susans and purple Coneflower on the plains of Deerfield.  Black Eyed Susans are biennials, perhaps that figures into it.

Elliot was instrumental in getting that shot.   I liked the way my eye was drawn into the scene, and was pleased to see the results of considerable (8 degrees) objective lens tilt in capturing that sensation.

Professor Louie Has Something To Say. October 19, 2011

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Actually, the “Professor” is Jeffery Lewis, Founding Father of Professor Louie and the Crowmatix, a NY musical act which does Americana as well as anyone around.  If my web skillz prevail, this will be a video of Prof. Louie telling it like it is.

Without further adoe, Professor Louie:

This guy has a band which kicks ass if you like rockin’ Americana, which I do, but this is a solo performance.  And if you have the time to dig his rap, he’ll blow you away.

So chill and dig it.  You’ve wasted larger blocks of your life, and this one is worth it.

What You Lookin’ At! October 17, 2011

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What are you, jealous of nice hair?  It’s a genetic gift and you weren’t invited to the party.  Get over it.  Not every living thing is supposed to be this beautiful:

Editor’s Note: Try not to imagine what it would be like to have your scalp and neck skin do that.

At least you’d be colorful…

I’ve Forgotten What. October 17, 2011

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I used to know what this stuff was, shrubbery rising ten or so feet above its swampy roots, but I’ve forgotten:

…but at any rate, I expect its abundant red berries will fill the bellies of many birds who opt to spend the winter here.  There are a lot of those berries, and if the frosts don’t get ’em, the birdies will.

Hobblebush. October 16, 2011

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That’s Viburnum lantanoides  to you ‘Mericuns:

…here all ablaze with the lights of the season.  This was taken on Friday evening; I intended to get back there this morning before sunrise, but the incessant wind changed my plans.

Oh well.  Other scenes will evolve, and with a modicum of luck I’ll stumble across a few of them.

Thanks to Elliot for the slight tilt which makes this shot crisp from front to back, despite the low light and persistent breeze.



North Pond, Savoy MA October 14, 2011

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It rained again all day at work, letting up a bit at the end, and I thought things might have an interesting look up at the ponds in Savoy State Forest.  So I went up there, threw on a pair of waders, and wandered around the shoreline of North Pond, stopping and hunkering over my camera when the rain thickened, setting up and shooting when it lightened up.

I was fortunate that the breaks were relatively crisp, allowing me to use hand-held filters without them getting overly wet.

The results:

A reflection and sedges in between bouts of wind:

High Country granite catches a maple leaf in a cove:

With each bout of wind a floatilla of fallen leaves paraded across the surface, passing through my tripod:

This little parting of the clouds brought a stiff breeze and a steady parade of surface confetti in the waning light:

That was a four second shot, and with the light disappearing and the rain returning, I made my way back to the car.

And that’s what I got.

Another Rainy Day… October 13, 2011

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…except this one was here on home turf.  It rained all day up in Florida along the Cold river:

Taken out of my car window at lunchtime.

After work I headed to Greenfield by the back roads – the drizzle was too nice to miss.  I didn’t find the right place to shoot until the atmospherics had mostly dissipated, but the “wet paint” effect was still on along this gravel road:

I was playing with Elliot, laying his plane of sharp focus vertically instead of horizontally.  Does it show in that road shot?

This was in upper Shelburne in a maple grove without much understory:

I actually pulled over to photograph this grove before I noticed the light on the road.  And in parking, I navigated around this oyster mushroom bloom on a stump:

It was a short but sweet stop along the road in classic New England weather.

I dug it.

Vermont. October 10, 2011

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I took the day off today to cruise around Southern Vermont, hoping to find something photographable in this Season of Colors.  But I was being herded by Big Traffic and I got to pull over less frequently than I might have liked if I were truly in charge.

The resultant haul is almost entirely shot out of my driver’s seat, with the motor running and passing cars buffeting me with their highway-speed turbulence.

A hillside along Route 7:

A closer up shot of the action at roadside:

Windmills along a ridge in Searsburg:

More roadside colors:

A swamp maple doing its swamp maple thing:

…and, a bit further on, the famous mooses of  Bennington, painted like they’re on a mission:

There are dozens of these all about town, nearly all painted in the most non-representational way.  But that’s what I expect from the fine folks Up North – a different perspective.


Well, it’s late and I have to get up early, so that’s it for now.




A Waxing Moon. October 9, 2011

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Well it’s a couple of days short of a full moon and a couple of weeks short of “peak foliage” in these parts, but since it’s become obvious that those two things aren’t going to coincide, I broke out Gizmo to catch what was  happening this evening.

And it looked like this.

Moonrise over Berkshire East ski area:

…and a shot taken from Route 2 in Charlemont:

That one was courtesy of Ollie.

It isn’t going to be a great year for foliage, so I’m grabbing bits of it wherever I find them.

Tomorrow I’m spending at least part of the Columbus Day holiday in Southern Vermont, expecting the colors to be a bit better and looking forward to dropping a few bucks on their local businesses – they took quite a hit from Irene and could use the “stimulus,” if you know what I mean.