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An October Surprise. October 30, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, Love and Death.
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So, we got the predicted foot.  It’s just making a cameo appearance to promote its upcoming epic story, “Winter!”

It’s nice to look at, but like cement to move:

…and this happened without losing power!  That was a big relief, it makes everything so much harder.

This snow won’t last, sitting between unfrozen ground and above-freezing air.  It is  October, after all.

My back lasted almost as long as the shoveling job, then I grabbed my kit and headed for the hills.

Up in Florida (!) I found some oak leaves standing up and taking notice of the change in the weather:

The driveway shot, by the way, was with Ziggy, who usually does my macros; the oak leaves are Elliot’s dirty work.

But the days are so short this time of year that by the time I got to Hawley the sun was sinking low, and the few maple leaves that had survived the snow were picking up some color:

…and I had miles to go, dinner to cook and a hungry wood stove to feed before I slept, so I booked.

I hope you all survived your weekend as well.

See you sooner.


1. Bob - October 30, 2011

Whew! I had just seen this picture showing snow totals in your area, and got all skeered for ya.

Glad you didn’t get the 30″ and that power was maintained throughout!

Also glad you got some great pics to share with us seasonally-challenged folk. 🙂

2. Lisa Golden - October 30, 2011

Those photos are magnificent! And brrrrr.

3. Gina - October 31, 2011

We had power restored about an hour ago. Good thing because Wayne and I were beginning to display flaming tempers. 🙂

Take care of that back!

4. susan - October 31, 2011

It looks strange seeing bright green grass where you shoveled but the colors in all are beautiful and sharp. Ah yes, winter..

5. Christine Palmer - November 1, 2011

wow, I guess being near the ocean really helped some of us in Maine out. Shoveling, ugh, my back hurts looking at all that snow.

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