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North Pond, Savoy MA October 14, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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It rained again all day at work, letting up a bit at the end, and I thought things might have an interesting look up at the ponds in Savoy State Forest.  So I went up there, threw on a pair of waders, and wandered around the shoreline of North Pond, stopping and hunkering over my camera when the rain thickened, setting up and shooting when it lightened up.

I was fortunate that the breaks were relatively crisp, allowing me to use hand-held filters without them getting overly wet.

The results:

A reflection and sedges in between bouts of wind:

High Country granite catches a maple leaf in a cove:

With each bout of wind a floatilla of fallen leaves paraded across the surface, passing through my tripod:

This little parting of the clouds brought a stiff breeze and a steady parade of surface confetti in the waning light:

That was a four second shot, and with the light disappearing and the rain returning, I made my way back to the car.

And that’s what I got.


1. Lisa Golden - October 15, 2011

Spectacular! I love the little surprises. The sedges. The red leaf plastered to the rock.

2. noodleepoodlee - October 15, 2011

Beautiful! I especially like that third one.

3. littlebangtheory - October 15, 2011

Lisa, thanks. I look for something special to work into some corner of the photograph, a little surprise for those who linger and look.

np, I’m glad you like that one. It was an experiment with things fixed and things moving, with lots of colors thrown in!

4. Laurie B - October 15, 2011

Love the photos, as always, thanks for sharing your part of your world with us. We took Mom on a ride up through back roads to Weston, skipped the Priory but spent bucks and time in town, had lunch at that Dam Diner. Honked for the odd group occupying Brattleboro. Guess there was no bus to somewhere bigger? Still in all, a good day. The ride home had us on some downhill 8% grades and with the winds, the leaves were falling up. We loved that.

beauty reigns on a rain scattered sun filled windy day. Time with Mom, priceless.

5. littlebangtheory - October 16, 2011

Laurie, I did a similar drive last weekend – up Route 100, west to Wallingford and down Route 7. It was beautiful, and I got to drop a few bucks there as well.

The Brat crowd could probably have gotten to somewhere else for their protest, but I bet they didn’t want to. They have a proud tradition of walking their own walk.

As for sharing the day with your Mom… my Mom is many years gone; you’re wise to enjoy these times with yours. Give her a kiss for me. 😉

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