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A Poorly Timed Road Trip. October 5, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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This past weekend I had plans to get to the high country of New Hampshire with my friend and photographic mentor Lizz.  We expected to meet early on Saturday somewhere in the Mount Washington area of the White Mountains for a foliage shoot.

But my Friday night drive northward was “blessed” with torrential rains, such that I was going 40mph on the Interstate, and Lizz wisely put off her departure from Arlington until the morning.

I got as far as White River Junction before the stress of driving with white knuckles and bulging eyeballs took its toll, and I slept in a park-and-ride.

Come daylight (and a lessening of the deluge) I forged onward, because you know, if you go out in these conditions you stand a 70% chance of getting skunked, but if you turn and run, the chances of a rout go right up to 100%.

I was going there for the colors, and as the Good Ol’ Boys say, “These colors don’t run.”

Along Route 302 I stopped in the town of Bath looking for a bush (damned coffee) and ran across the Bath Bridge, one of the three remaining covered bridges in this town, spanning the Ammonoosuc river at an impressive length of 374-1/2 feet:

There’s a Great Blue Heron perched on a rock to the right, who periodically braved the steady rain to fish in the pools below the falls.

This bridge is in its fifth incarnation, having previously been destroyed by both flood and fire.  It’s first incarnation cost We The People exactly $366.66 in 1794.

These days it’s an impressive piece of work, and replacing its intricate truss-work would cost in the tens of millions of dollars:

The orange patch in the middle is me in an orange shirt, trying for an effect which totally didn’t work out.  But hey, with a thirty-second exposure, there’s time to kill, and I managed to kill it.

With a rendez-vous in the works, I continued eastward on Route 302 toward the colors of the high country, hoping there would be a break in the rain.

Though I chose not to know it just yet, there wouldn’t.


1. Laurie B - October 6, 2011

Yeah, the weather in September was strong and bewitching full of rain. That, and you ventured forth and took some photos, always nice. The rest of us snuggied up and slept like a pre-winter festival. Have to say that despite the rain, it’s really too early for that stuff. We were in New Zealand last year at this time. We are now staring down the strange vision of winter once again. Yuck.. Still and all, we are Yankees, the lawn mower is working, the leaf blower is ready, and both of the snow blowers and both shovels are ready to go. We might have to use them all on the same day.

So, some of the folks in this country think gay marriage is a problem, hell, I’d invite them to a season of winter here in New England. Then, they’d have something real to complain about.

2. Randal Graves - October 6, 2011

No, no, don’t tell them it’s you, tell them it’s a ghost. I love that bridge.

3. littlebangtheory - October 6, 2011

Laurie B, you gotta love New England for its indefensibly shitty weather, without which we wouldn’t have such heavenly happenstances as Fall colors and maple syrup! 😉

Randal, what I meant to say was that an old farmer delivering a wagon-load of pumpkins perished in a fire which destroyed an earlier bridge, and on the anniversary of his death (which happened to be the day I visited) he shows himself to some fool who is doomed to meet the same fate.

Poor me!

4. susan - October 10, 2011

Nice bridge shots.

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