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Sunset At The B.F.I. September 10, 2011

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A local icon waves “Buh-Bye” to the setting sun, a couple of miles from my home:

This dude’s huge – I’ve seen whole families sit between his feet for photos.

Water, Water. September 8, 2011

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It’s everywhere.  Continuing rains have pushed river levels to what would be astonishing heights if we hadn’t just lived through Irene.

The Deerfield flows over Deerfield #4 dam on the line between Charlemont and Buckland:

That’s about 10,000 CFS, a flow rate topping most recent Spring flood levels.

We’re expecting a couple of days of generally fair weather, which should allow some of the current ground water to make its exit before the next Rain Event brings the level back up.

Meanwhile, New York is flooding again, perhaps to an extent not seen even during the devastation of Irene.

Positive thoughts are entirely appropriate.

Aftermath. September 8, 2011

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A bridge over Clesson Brook in Buckland stands warped by barely imaginable forces and divorced from the road leading to and from it:

The starkness of this tableau suggested a rendering in black & white, so that’s what I did.  Elliot honed in on the warped plane of the parapet wall.

Thanks, kid.

A Rainy Afternoon… September 5, 2011

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…down in Hadley, where the recent storms amounted to lots of rain and localized flooding, nothing particularly destructive.  I needed to get down there to run some errands and snapped off a few shots with Elliot and the 5D.  Here they are.

A pasture expecting rain:

Barns awaiting the harvest:

…and a great oak supervising the ripening of corn:

The current unsettled weather spells trouble for the rain-soaked flood regions north and west of here, but will be entirely survivable in the lower Connecticut river valley.

And it makes for interesting photos, so here they are, courtesy of Elliot.

Mother Nature 1, Little Tikes 0. September 4, 2011

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As local lives pile up under bridges, I found this shot at the confluence of the Chickley and Deerfield rivers, where the Chickley runs under the Tower Road bridge and the CSX Railroad bridge:

That one’s courtesy of Elliot, in case you didn’t spot his signature depth-of-field.  This mess is where the Chickley used to be.  Great oaks and pines are interwoven with pieces of the farms and their people upstream, and rapidly drying into a cement of silt.  The cleanup will be a monumental effort, though the desperation has diminished with the passing days.  Unless, of course, you’re amongst the many families who lost everything, in which case recovering will be much, much slower.*

* UPDATE – This monstrous Log-Clog is now gone, though the bridge hasn’t reopened.  Thank You to the people who did that work.


Life Goes On. September 1, 2011

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Life does indeed go on (for those who lived through Irene, including me) and there’s still a lot to be grateful for.  Like this field of goldenrod in Williamstown:

Looking at this, it’s hard to believe the valleys to the east and north are so devastated.  Perhaps the lesson to be learned is that sometimes one needs to focus where the emotional sustenance is.