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Wet Paint. September 23, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Well, it’s officially autumn, and the weather here in Southern New England is emphasizing that point by turning gloomy even as it paints our trees with surreal colors.

Yesterday (yeah, I know, “not officially autumn,” but close enough) I finished work in Plainfield as a persistent light rain slowed to a drizzle, and I snagged this shot of a bog with a floating sphagnum mat:

I liked the tableau enough to work it with Elliot, to an end that is considerably better than this blog format allows you to see.

Anyway, I got inspired, and came home from work through Southern Vermont (another “close enough” moment) and was delighted to be dogged by showers interspersed with fogs.  The West Branch of the Deerfield river parallels this stretch of road, and though it Taketh Away a good many of the culverts and bridges along this stretch of the road, it also Giveth some lovely views:

My work was complicated by my desire to show the place as still beautiful despite the ravaged river bed;  many otherwise lovely shots would have conveyed more of the latter rather than the former, but my intention here is to let the world know that Vermont is still, and perhaps more than ever, worth visiting – your dollars, from gas money to lunch to lodging will be appreciated.

This section of Route 100 is, um, “CLOSED,” but if you pass that sign you might notice the smaller sign saying “to trucks,”  because there’s a dirt road reach-around up ahead.  I went for it, and basically had a lot of road to myself:

The colors aren’t yet anywhere near “peak,” but the fog between showers caught my eye.

Right where the actual detour kicked in (and yes, it turns to dirt before it’s over,) the Deerfield dodged southward through a deep gorge, disappearing into a snag of pines and fog as the light took a turn towards night:

A mile farther east the river would roar back to the road, eating Readsboro’s lunch and bridges in a span of 24 hours.  Road crews are still working on that, but a passable roadway isn’t far off.

Except for the first one, these shots are all from Ollie, my 24-105mm tele lens.  Nice piece of glass, that boy.


1. Randal Graves - September 24, 2011

And that’s why autumn is the finest of the four seasons.

2. kkryno - September 24, 2011

Some absolutely stunning beauty in those shots Ralph. Thank you for showing us the majesty in your neck of the woods.

Our colors are just shy of being done and it’s growing colder at night. Not sure that I’m ready for another winter, but then I say that every year! 🙂

3. littlebangtheory - September 24, 2011

Randal, I agree… but then, I’ll agree that Winter is the finest when its time comes around. 😉

Vikki, thanks. I was blown away by the atmospherics of the drive and delighted with my haul of photos, such as they are.

And winter will be another step up in intensity, complete with its challenges and opportunities, the latter of which I intend to take full advantage of!

4. Bob - September 25, 2011



5. littlebangtheory - September 25, 2011

Thanks, Cuz! 🙂

6. noodleepoodlee - September 25, 2011

Thanks for finding the beauty among the devastation and sharing it with those of us smart enough to visit your blog. Thanks too for your 9/12 post. I know you got some heat on that one, but truth is often irritating to the ignorant.
Eastern VA is soaked again. Hoping this week’s rain will help to extinguish fires in Great Dismal Swamp. Mushroom mania all over the town as I see lots of different species at the hospital and nursing facilities I’m visiting these days. Forgive delay in donation to VT, mom threw me a curveball a couple of weeks ago. And thanks for your thoughts and wobbly prayers. Mine are wobbly too.

7. littlebangtheory - September 25, 2011

np, you’re welcome, it’s my pleasure (Daddy taught me to share!)

As for thinking about the 9/11 attacks in a way which might move us forward rather than shield us from the reality our government and corporations have created, I knew it would rub some people the wrong way, but won’t buy into the sort of nationalism which holds that “my” government can do no wrong. That idea has been proven consistently to be absurd, regardless of how many of the Amerikan Sheeple believe it.

And as for wobbly prayers vs. polished ones, I can’t help thinking they’re like hand-written notes in an e-mail cosmos. So Wobble On! 😉

8. susan - September 26, 2011

These are some very glorious images.

9. littlebangtheory - September 27, 2011

Thanks, Susan. It’s resolving into a sub-optimal foliage season here in Massachusetts, which is likely to motivate me to “saddle up” in the next several weeks and seek more paisley pastures, if you know what I mean. 😉

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