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Weekend Round-Up. September 18, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Some shots from this weekend, which was lots more work than play, but nonetheless coughed up a few keepers.

I knocked off working around the house with time to take a ride through nearby Southern Vermont to see where things were bad and drop a few bucks at local businesses; they’re really going to need some support from those who can visit or send something ahead.

Well, I tell ya, they don’t call me “Mr. Softie” because I need the Little Blue Pill, but rather because my heart breaks when I see others’ suffering, and I had tears in my eyes going through Wilmington.  What a mess, homes and buildings washed away, the main drag a sodden wreck.  If you know of organizations keyed into helping, I ask you to participate.

Anyway, I’ve got enough disaster pics to string together into a Hollywood block-buster, so instead I took pictures of the changing foliage, like this one along devastated Route 100 in Readsboro:

Some red happening there, despite the crappy light.  That was taken from atop my car to get over the roadside mess.

Here’s some Vermont Beef getting just salty enough to be worth grilling:

They were intent on Hoovering that salt block perched on the rock, and I thought they made cute food, so here they are.

More scenics –

North Pond in Savoy, trying to grow some colors:

It’s a long way from “peak,” but that’s Today’s Version.

And here’s a shot of Bog Pond in Savoy MA, taken patiently between the agitated tail-slaps of  the local beaver, who apparently disapproved of my presence:

North Pond was an Ollie capture, while this last shot was courtesy of Elliot.  I like his ability to get that foreground pond lily as well as the rest of the shot, and hope to get something more as the colors evolve.

And then, of course, the sun set and the stars came out, with a nascent moon threatening to rise:

That’s all kinds of beefed-up, ’cause I haven’t yet figured out my Korean substitute remote shutter release.  This may be the shot that makes me dive headlong into debt for the real Canon remote, which comes complete with instructions and a a five-hundred-dollar-plus price tag!




1. eileen - September 18, 2011

Awesome sky, guy! I recently read of a place at the border of PA and NY that is really great for star gazing. I’ll have to look into exactly where that is and drag my husband, a star gazer in high school, out there.

2. susan - September 19, 2011

Beautiful shots once again. I can see why you’re so fond of Elliot. I love the pond.

3. jomegat - September 20, 2011

Hey Ralph,

We have a green light for all the Pathfinder clubs in the Northern New England Conference (NNEC). We will be working on clearing debris from the municipal parks in Wilmington. It was a tough slog to make that happen, but it’s official now. Our crew will be out there Sunday morning at 9:00am.

Once I was able to coordinate a project, the NNEC officials decided we’d go whole-hog. They canceled the activities they had planned for Sunday morning, and opted to do this instead. I think it was absolutely the right thing to do. I would have been ashamed to be part of a service-oriented youth organization that camped in the heart of a disaster zone and did nothing more than roast marshmallows.

Honestly, you need to take some of the credit for that. Your post covering the devastation is what prompted me to set some wheels in motion. Your coverage was the first I saw of the area, and frankly, it was also the best. Because of it, I proposed that the Pathfinders find a project, and as part of the ACS-DR team, I was able to work the channels and get us an assignment.


4. littlebangtheory - September 20, 2011

jomegat, you’re a real-life gem, putting your actions where my words are. Thank you, from all the decent people in the world.

I took a ride up through Wilmington this past weekend, looking for a place to drop a few bucks on lunch and gas… they’re gonna need more than pity, and I figured a little money wouldn’t hurt. I drove through town with my mouth open and tears in my eyes – so much lost in the space of a day, it’s hard to comprehend. I didn’t find a place open to spend my money until I was well past town, though I probably missed some places.

I’m sure they’ll welcome your group’s addition to the very big job of making things move toward normal.

Again, Thanks.

PS, the ‘shrooms are going nuts here, so have your guys keep their eyes out. 😉

5. kkryno - September 24, 2011

I love the cows. So cute. The pond pics look like you could just reach right into a mirror. So beautiful!

6. littlebangtheory - September 24, 2011

Vikki, yeah, they’re cute, aren’t they? And I like the pond pic too – it’s got a clarity to it that’s uncommon, at least among my photos! 😉

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