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Mother Nature 1, Little Tikes 0. September 4, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Love and Death.
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As local lives pile up under bridges, I found this shot at the confluence of the Chickley and Deerfield rivers, where the Chickley runs under the Tower Road bridge and the CSX Railroad bridge:

That one’s courtesy of Elliot, in case you didn’t spot his signature depth-of-field.  This mess is where the Chickley used to be.  Great oaks and pines are interwoven with pieces of the farms and their people upstream, and rapidly drying into a cement of silt.  The cleanup will be a monumental effort, though the desperation has diminished with the passing days.  Unless, of course, you’re amongst the many families who lost everything, in which case recovering will be much, much slower.*

* UPDATE – This monstrous Log-Clog is now gone, though the bridge hasn’t reopened.  Thank You to the people who did that work.



1. kkryno - September 5, 2011

I guess now a sense of grim resignation sets in, and a bit of rebuilding to get everyone through to winter. With a community coming together and working toward a new start, you’ll find hope again.

2. littlebangtheory - September 5, 2011

Vikki, yes, we’re moving forward. It’ll be a piece of work, but we can do this. New Englanders know how to hitch up their pants and get to work, and I’m sure that’s what’s about to happen.

And we’ll go easy on the “grim” and find the light in this new reality.

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