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1941 Ford Pick-Up. August 5, 2011

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So this past Wednesday evening I was on my way to somewhere important with ten minutes to spare (a miracle to those who know my history of tardiness) when I passed a sign for “Cruise Night.”

Well, we’re a long way from any seaports and I didn’t think they meant “Tom,” so naturally my curiosity was piqued.

I followed the signs to a gathering of Vintage Car Enthusiasts being held in the parking lot of our local high school.

Now, I’m not a Motorhead, never was, I don’t even change my own oil.  I make an appointment with my mechanic when the Low Fuel light comes on.

But this assemblage of vintage stock autos, souped-up roadsters and tightly-wound muscle cars, juxtaposed as it was against a pastiche of ordinary people who had invested their limited resources of time and money into their Babies to make them the best they could be, was unexpectedly engaging and visually exciting.  I took a spin through the parking lot looking for images which might convey the evening’s vibe, and came up with this:

It’s a ’41 Ford pick-up, and I bet it honks,  if you know what I mean.

This “Cruise Night” event happens the first Wednesday of every Summer month, and I’d stumbled upon the penultimate gathering of the year with very little time to spend; recall that I was on my way to “somewhere important.”

I’ve marked September 7th on my calendar as the last gathering of the year, and hope to get there early enough to get some worthwhile photos to share.

By the way,  it so happened that I had Elliot on the box, my most favorite-est lens for photographing old cars; the shift function makes stationary objects look like they’re moving at warp speed.  But this was a drive-by, and I forgot to shift, choosing instead a 5 degree leftward swing to achieve sharp focus from the headlight to the people seated way back at the tennis courts.  I think it came out pretty good for a hand-held shot in low light.

Thanks, Elliot – I owe ya one.   😉



1. Steve - August 6, 2011

Nice shot! I think it does convey some of the spirit of the souped up cars and the enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to your catch on Sept 7.

You name your lenses? Like I name my brushes?

2. littlebangtheory - August 6, 2011

Well, if you name your brushes, then yeah, like that. “Elliot” was too easy – the Canon TS-E II begs for it. But in private, my pet name for him is “Lumpy,” on accounta I can always pick him out of a pack without looking; his motion and locking screw-knobs number four!

And I’m looking forward to the 7th as well, if nothing else usurps my attention (it is a “want-to,” after all…)

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