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While Noodling My Way Home… August 2, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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I accidentally (sorta) went West to Williamstown, lured by tumultuous skies and a bad case of Latent Photo Wood.


Anyway, conditions looked right for a shoot, so I affixed Elliot to my box and got jiggy wit it.  It was windy as hell (is hell windy??) so I eschewed the tripod, figuring the world was shaking faster than I ever would, and snapped one off at 7 degrees of tilt:

Spotted Joe Pie weed below a shoulder of Mount Greylock.

And Queen Anne’s Lace in a cornfield nearby, presenting its umbels in a sufficiently planar way to suggest a tilt-shift take:

Purple lustrife, the little invasive bastards, illuminated a view of cornfields and clouds:

All of these are hand-held and wingin’ it, panning about to plant that plane of sharp focus on something I knew the name of, except for this one, which was tripod-mounted and grad filtered (albeit hand-held) and swung about eight degrees right:

I dug the densely algied surface of that swamp, and managed to get the Lustrife and snags dialed in fairly sharply.

Gawd,  I loves me some Elliot!  🙂

Then, alas, it was homeward through a driving rain to not  mow the lawn.

Funny how that worked out…


1. lisahgolden - August 3, 2011

I love that chartreuse and purple together.

2. TheCunningRunt - August 3, 2011

Lisa, it was a pretty arresting sight. I pulled over and beat my way through some tall roadside weeds to get down to this pond for the shot, but the wind was merciless, and the shot’s really only good for the Web.

Oh well, it looks ok here…


3. Bob - August 5, 2011

Very nice.

But I see no pasta *anywhere*. 😉

4. littlebangtheory - August 6, 2011

Bob, there was some, but I couldn’t get in this shot, sorry.

5. susan - August 9, 2011

I especially like the one with the cornfield, flowers, and cloud. Tilt-shift at your hands makes for remarkable results.

6. littlebangtheory - August 10, 2011

Thanks, susan. Purple lustrife is a real steam-roller invasive, but it’s photogenic, so I’m trying to forgive it for living.

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