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Chickory. August 1, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature, macro photos.
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…Or Corn Flower, if you will:

I like both the structure and the color of this elegant wildflower.


1. jomegat - August 1, 2011

Chicory is one plant I have seen in plenty of places, but never in New Hampshire. I’ve seen it in MA within a mile or two of the MA/NH border, and the same goes for the VT/NH border – but I have never seen it in NH. It’s awfully common in a lot of places, but exquisitely rare here!

2. Randal Graves - August 2, 2011


3. Paul in ABQ - August 2, 2011

I love chicory for the same reasons: structure and color. Thanks for showcasing this one.

Glad you are enjoying your garden.

4. Gina - August 2, 2011

those little scalloped edges look like they were made by hand. 🙂
Beautiful, Ralph. 🙂


5. littlebangtheory - August 2, 2011

jomegat, that’s odd, but that’s Nature for ya!

Randal, “curlicues” indeed – it’s one of their most endearing features!

Paul, you’re not just welcome, you’re deserving – your earlier gardening season is a tremendous inspiration to those of us up here in the Frost Belt. 😉

Gina, yes, like a little fairy with pinking shears preceded my efforts! 🙂 I’m glad you like this, my friend.

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