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Tannery Brook. July 24, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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My recent excursion to Tannery Falls in Savoy, MA made me long for a return visit a bit earlier in the day, and this being so accessible to me, I indulged myself and went back yesterday.  Here are two more images I thought might be worth sharing.

First, a cascade in a deep cleft above the main falls sees no direct sunlight other than this late afternoon blessing:

…and a cairn built in the pool below the main falls catches similar late-day light:

That one is courtesy of Elliot, with 3+ degrees of swing imparted to his objective eye.

The water flow here is minimal at this point, though that’s subject to changing with the weather, and will doubtless increase as Autumn paints the place in shades of gold.

Not that I’m looking forward to Fall or anything…



1. susan - July 27, 2011

These are definitely up to your usual (damn, am I becoming complacent about your ability?) standards of magical excellence. It’s really neat that people are feeling the urge to build stone shrines in sacred places.

ps: I was here twice before but couldn’t open comments. Seems okay now.

2. littlebangtheory - July 27, 2011

Hi susan, sorry to hear about the comments glitch, but glad it’s up and running now.

I’ve been kinda light on the posting but have some shots ready to go, come back again soon! 😉

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