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Random Summerage. July 6, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Got a longer cord and ditched the wireless connection for now, so I’m back.

Here are some random/assorted shots which have come in since last I posted.

Cat-tails “flowering,” with the male pollen head fat above the still-green seed head:

Thistles in a nearby field:

A honey bee putting the love on a milkweed flower:

An unexpected sight on a picnic table by Rowe Pond:

His Lady was throwing a ball out into the pond for her pair of Golden retrievers, who were happily swimming around amongst a flock of geese while I played with this cutie.

A trio of shots from down on the farm – a recently hayed field greens back up:

A barn window watches over some Dianthus,  Northern bedstraw and Sensitive* ferns:

*Thanks to jomegat in comments – TCR

…while ’round back, a curious herd is skeptical about my intentions:

And of course, the requisite shot of evening back down along the river:

That’s the last few days’ haul, such as it is, and I’m off to bed.



1. jomegat - July 6, 2011

Glad you managed to reconnect. It was worth it to me! I drove through MA on I-91 over the holiday, and thanks to you, I knew what some of the road signs were talking about (Flower Bridge, Deerfield River, et al). Thanks for that. 🙂

I will now embark upon a new mission – to find some cattails and see if I can collect their pollen. I’ve read that it makes good flour and that it can be collected in great quantities, but I don’t get close enough to it on a regular basis to tell when that happens. Thanks for pointing me to the clue station, even if unknowingly.

BTW, the ferns among the dianthus appear to be sensitive ferns. They’re called that because they are sensitive to frost. That’s a factoid I learned this spring, and will test this fall.

2. littlebangtheory - July 7, 2011

Hi jomegat,

Yes, the cattails are fat with pollen right now – I accidentally bumped one and looked like a sloppy baker! 🙂 Good luck on your collecting.

Those are indeed sensitive ferns, sorry not to say so (and thanks for pointing that out.)

3. Randal Graves - July 7, 2011

Swanky as always, but that barn one is living Crayola. Lovely.

4. littlebangtheory - July 7, 2011

Thanks, Randal. I saw that painted window sash and had to have it!

5. susan - July 9, 2011

Sometimes when I come by to visit I feel as if I’ve died and gone to heaven. I hardly dare to choose a favorite for this group.

I’m glad you got reconnected.

6. littlebangtheory - July 9, 2011

susan, I’m flattered by your appreciation of my photos. It’s my visitors’ comments which keep me moving forward, wanting to be worth the stop.

And yes, I also am glad to be reconnected.

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