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Falling Waters. June 17, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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It’s been a rainy week here in Western Massachusetts.  Not full-on rainy, but rather, storms blowing through most days:

Lots of these anvil-shaped summer storms, lots of morning fogs.  Lots for the farmers to be thankful for as the planting season swings into high gear:

Streams which are frequently dry this time of year are cascading down from the hills:

…turning things pretty verdant:

Those last two shots were taken on Mount Toby in Sunderland; the next two are of Black Brook in Savoy:

…on a rainy afternoon after work:

Beyond the forest’s edge, the flowers of the fields soaked it up, exploding in riots of color:

…with daisies reaching up past red and yellow hawkweeds and clovers, toward the eventual sun breaking through steely skies:

If we get a modicum of sun over the next few weeks, this will be a stellar growing season.

But then, this is New England, so we’ll get what we get.  😉

Thanks to Elliot for most of these shots, and Ollie for the rest.





1. Randal Graves - June 18, 2011

Aside from having a non-sucky camera (heh), what’s the arcane trick to nab those water effects? Love that frosty glaze look.

2. Gina Duarte - June 18, 2011

How did you get that clover color to pop like that? These are terrific, my dear!

Sending a tight hug. Hope to see you next weekend. Is Susan going to join us?


3. susan - June 18, 2011

These are all so nice it’s impossible to pick a favorite but I was caught twice by the green reflecting pool.

Have you ever tasted the nectar of the parts of the clover flower? I’d forgotten about that childhood treat until this moment.

lisahgolden - June 19, 2011

We used to suck on the clover. Sweet memories.

4. Paul in ABQ - June 20, 2011

Lovely photos, as ever. We desperately need water in our part of the world (between wildfires and thirsty crops). Thanks for sharing all this beauty.

5. TheCunningRunt - June 20, 2011

Randal, long exposures – 1/15th of a second will get it going, though these were all several seconds (tripod a must!) And yeah, the 5D doesn’t suck all that convincingly. 😉

Gina, I just set Elliot down about six inches from the clover and gave him about 8 degrees of tilt – great focus from here to eternity! Plus, the in-camera processing does a nice job on landscape colors, if I do say so myself.
I’m SO looking forward to seeing your Mom, call me when you know the details.

Susan, that pool shot was fun – it looked like a Hobbit-hole, glowing emerald in the rain as the sun tried to burn through. Naturally magical, no tricks required!

And Lisa, yes, a real summer treat to this day – what do you mean, “Used to…” They’re still there, and so are we! 🙂

Paul, I’m praying for rain for you and yours. The fires are a shame, so many people fighting so hard to save what they and Nature treasure. Good luck on that.

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