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A Sweet Surprise! May 17, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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I got out today after work for a bit (no! ) looking for more morels.  It was raining, not heavily, but as I crawled around in dense thickets of honeysuckle and briers I got plenty wet, and much muddier than one might aim for in an ideal world.  But hey, the “real world” compensates the curious with showers and washing machines, so it’s all good.

And in addition to a basket of nice big morels for my trouble, I also got a snoot-full of the beautiful essences of Spring, rich earth and clean greenery and the delicate perfume of nearby lilacs.

Oh, and there was one more Spring delight to top off my roadside stop – this little beauty, lying still exactly where it’s mother had left it:

They do that, you know, leave their fawns for a while with strict orders not to move,  a survival skill far more valuable than flight for such delicate creatures.  I was exactly that close and could easily have pet it, but didn’t – instead I walked in a broad circle around it, hoping to keep the mother at a distance, then beat feet back to my car to get my camera.  I was back in ten minutes, and this little sweetie hadn’t moved more than an eyelash.

As the gentle rain pattered on the leaves unfurling overhead, I felt blessed.

Thank you, Mother Earth.  Thank you, Father Sky.



1. Tengrain - May 17, 2011




lisahgolden - May 18, 2011

Me, too!

2. Angelbird72 - May 18, 2011

Wow! Makes me wish I lived somewhere near deer.

3. Randal Graves - May 18, 2011

You give us this fantastic shot of creation, and Google Ads gives us a place hawking bikinis and thongs. Heh.

4. clairz - May 18, 2011

How you have been honored!

5. lisahgolden - May 18, 2011

I went right into that voice I use when I talk to the cats. How adorable!

6. susan - May 18, 2011

Sheer marvel.

I’m with Lisa but I don’t have any cats.

7. littlebangtheory - May 18, 2011

Yes, “honored,” as clairz said.

And Lisa, I cooed like a fool in my best Motherese the whole time I was within earshot of this baby, hoping to convey something other than danger.

Thanks, everyone, and welcome Angelbird 72!

Hannah Rowell - September 11, 2014

This is so beautiful! I am doing a show at a gallery downtown in nashville and planned to do a piece with a little deer… Any chance you’d allow me to use this as a reference? I’d be happy to make a monetary donation!! 😉 hmaxwell1111@hotmail.com

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