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Weekend Wildflower Report. May 2, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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I got up pre-dawn on Saturday (“Dat boy’s nuts! “) to run out to the river with my photo-mentor Lizz in search of a nice sunrise.

Well, shoot,  we needn’t have bothered – the sun rose, but unspectacularly.  I snagged a consolation shot of this riverside pool reflecting a little stand of Phragmites,  but it was too breezy for the length of the exposure and will probably never get printed:

It’s ok to look at, particularly at this resolution, thanks to one degree of tilt and some graduated filtering.

Lizz suggested we hit Bear Swamp Nature Preserve in Buckland, where she’s found some really nice early-season wildflowers in the past.

So we went there, and while we were a tad early for some things, we found a nice selection to share with you.

There were Red Trilliums:

…and some wild Violets which refused to shrink at the feet of a majestic maple:

There were Dutchman’s Britches and Trout Lilies:

…though those Trout Lilies were just beginning to open.

Lizz pointed out that Dutchman’s Breeches are easily confused with Squirrel Corn; their foliage is very similar, and the spray of whte flowers looks similar from a distance, but the Breeches have a yellow waist-band:

(I actually think it looks like the little guy is in there, being strung up by his, um, gusset  )

…while Squirrel Corn has luscious lavender lips:

I guess they’re not that similar if you get close enough!

I also found a nice clump of Marsh Marigolds down by the, how you say, marsh :

I had to bring the sky light down with a two-stop soft step grad filter to get the Marigolds to pop, but I was satisfied with the result (except for a filter mishap which I’ll tell you about sometime.)

Most of these shots were taken with Elliot, my TS-E II buddy, but that last one was with a 24-105 zoom, which I’m finding to be very versatile.

Anyway, there are a few other shots worth sharing from that outing, but it’s late, so I’ll drag them out another time.

Hope you enjoyed these.  G’night.



1. Laurie B - May 2, 2011

Love the photos as always. Have turned some ex-pats in NZ onto your site. They mostly never want to live in the US again except that your photos of the old stomping grounds bring them great memories and smiles and a hint of revisit. But hey, despite the great photos you share, why would anyone move back from New Zealand?

2. Pagan Sphinx - May 3, 2011

The boy is nuts but he brings home jewels! 🙂 These are just so beautiful, Ralph!

the flower with the purple lips is beyond amazing. it’s erotic and poetic and so many other things at the same time. I hope I can find some squirrel corn so I can get up close and personal.

I’m home with a bad back; going nuts, with so many things to do! :-/

3. kkryno - May 3, 2011

What a great series of photos! Sorry I’ve been away for a while, so these were great to catch up on your happenings. Keep up the good work! 🙂

4. TheCunningRunt - May 3, 2011

Ladies, thanks.

Laurie, I know, NZ sounds awfully hard to beat!

PS, yeah, you know me and flower porn. 😉 Take care of that back, ‘k?

Vikki, glad you liked them – this time of year is full of rebirth and very inspiring to me!

5. jomegat - May 3, 2011

What a stunning collection of photos! I’ll have to look for trilliums around here. I haven’t seen any yet, but I haven’t looked where I usually find them either.

6. noodleepoodlee - May 4, 2011

Oh how I miss my hikes through the New England woods. The little gifts of color and contour so close to the ground! Just beautiful! At least my eyes can take a stroll. Thanks for making my morning bright!

Got another post “full of piss and vinegar” up. Hope all is well, looking forward to next batch.

Oh, and I like old barns too. Used to like to photograph the insides with the scenes all dark and bright, light coming through cracks in the walls and ceilings. I’m beginning to think you were right … maybe we’re lost cousins or something. I’ve always said the stork dropped me in mid-flight!

7. noodleepoodlee - May 4, 2011

…. that should be walls and ceilings. Not sure how that typo happened.

[ fixed it! 😉 ]

8. littlebangtheory - May 4, 2011

jomegat, Thanks for your kind comment – it was your post of trailing arbutus a little while back which got me started!

9. susan - May 4, 2011

It’s amazing what you go out and find with such regularity. I love that you tell us the names of the flowers. It’s like being introduced to new friends.

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