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Reflections. April 28, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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I’ve been watching for reflections to photograph, either in ponds or in puddles, but it’s been quite windy lately in these parts and the reflections haven’t been very clear.

Tonight, after a day of hard rain / thunderstorms, I got a little lucky with this shot of sunset settling into a puddle on a nearby flooded lawn:

The whole scene materialized rather quickly, and I was too rushed to really get it right.  Still, it was a learning experience, and I’ll be keeping an eye on that spot for return engagements.

Thanks to Elliot for his tilting contributions to that one.


1. noodleepoodlee - April 29, 2011

Gorgeous, as usual. Eventually I am going to run out of words to express my awe of your photographs. May have to revert to repeated postings of “Bowing Down to Greatness Once Again..,” but I don’t want your head getting all puffed up and messing with your eyesight. Tee hee hee.
Working on one of my “Recommend” posts for future date. Is it O.K. if I include your site? I have a few friends who would really enjoy your work.

2. susan - April 29, 2011

bowing to greatness not impeded by breath taken in awe
gosh you make my day so big and beautiful

3. littlebangtheory - April 29, 2011

Susan, you’re undoing noodlepoodle’s caution – I’m gonna have to get one of them there hat stretchers! 😉

Thanks, Ladies. I see where this needs to go and see the steep learning curve ahead, but nice words are never unappreciated.

And NP, I’d be pleased and flattered to be recommended by you. Your ode to the Trump-ette was priceless!

4. susan - May 1, 2011

Just amazing timing you have. It’s gorgeous.

5. TheCunningRunt - May 3, 2011

Thanks – I nearly missed it, too!

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