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Spring On The Farm. April 12, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Springtime is busy on our local farms.  Maple sugaring is winding down, and attention turns to livestock:

Dim-witted sheep stand around shorn and shivering in their barnyard Johnnies, having just been swindled out of their warm winter coats:

…yeah, I’m talkin ’bout you!

…while their distant cousins remain aloof and above it all:

Most of the farm ponds have iced out, though the grass is still just vaguely green:

…and somebody has been using the barbed wire fence for a scratching spot:

…perhaps this Scottish Highlander and her calf?

I mean, I’m totally ok with that, Yes Ma’am, no problems here…

All in all, a nice time of year in these parts:

I’m still in JPEG mode, so pardon any appreciable lack of photo quality.

They’re calling for rain the next few days, so I was glad to snag these shots today.


1. clairz - April 12, 2011

Lucky you, getting rain! Still none here in southern New Mexico. Thank you for the look at the season in your neck of the woods.

Um, here’s a question. When you don’t post pix as jpeg, what are they? Do you shoot RAW? Forgive me for not knowing the terms, I think that is what I mean.

2. littlebangtheory - April 12, 2011

Clairz, WordPress takes only jpegs, but I don’t generally shoot in that format – it’s inherently destructive to file content, with a ton of data lost each time the file is saved. I shoot in RAW, which saves EVERYTHING the camera captures and gives me far more latitude in processing (I’m particularly fond of Photoshop’s RAW processing options such as “vibrance” and “fill-lighting.”)

Thanks for asking.

3. susan - April 13, 2011

ralph your birches shot is so beautiful it made me cry

4. littlebangtheory - April 13, 2011

Susan, I almost didn’t include that one, as there were no farm animals in it… I’m glad I did, though, if you like it. 🙂

5. susan - April 15, 2011

These are great. The animal pics are wonderful – esp the sheep wearing ‘johnnies’. I never knew they did that after shearing.

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