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Hilltown Blues. March 10, 2011

Posted by littlebangtheory in Art and Nature.
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Down here in the valley, we got quite a bit of rain last Sunday night into Monday morning.  But up in the hills, it was a different story.

Now, I understand the effects of this particular storm were worse elsewhere – Albany, NY lost power, and many places haven’t gotten it back yet.  And Central Vermont got 20-30 inches of heavy wet snow, which  I would have loved earlier in the season, but by now I’m just as glad to have missed it.

What we did get was a good icing up high. Here are some shots from the Hilltowns.

Mount Greylock after the storm:

The actual peak is hidden in the clouds in the center of that shot.

A Hilltown River under a blanket of ice:

A tree-row dividing pastures:

…and iced trees silhouetted at sunset:

It’s a far cry from what was happening down in the valleys at the same time, but as the days pass, the Valley Weather is destined to win out.

I’m ready for that!


1. clairz - March 11, 2011

And it’s all a far cry from our .04 inch total precipitation so far this year here in the Chihuahuan Desert. Your photos are absolutely moisturizing therapy for me right now!

2. littlebangtheory - March 11, 2011

clairz, glad to be of service! 🙂

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